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Principles of Power
Principles of Power (April 2000)
Women Superintendents and the Riddle of the Heart
C. Cryss Brunner - Author

Shares perspectives from twelve successful women school superintendents.

Women who seek to be school superintendents or who want to improve their chances for success in the superintendency can clearly benefit from the insights and cultural wisdom of women who have attained the position. Principles of Power shares perspectives from twelve successful women superintendents and puts them in a cultural context that highlights what th...(Read More)
Sacred Dreams
Sacred Dreams (April 1999)
Women and the Superintendency
C. Cryss Brunner - Editor

Although women have dominated the teaching ranks at all levels of education since the turn of the century, men occupy 93 percent of superintendency jobs. Considering the nationwide concern that superintendency positions will be vacated faster than they can be filled during the next decade, it's quite possible that women are the greatest untapped pool of capable candidates. As women think about, seek, and accept superintendency assignments, they need...(Read More)
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