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Etiquette (November 2006)
Reflections on Contemporary Comportment
Ron Scapp - Editor
Brian Seitz - Editor

Brings etiquette into dialogue with ethics.

Etiquette, the field of multifarious prescriptions governing comportment in life’s interactions, has generally been neglected by philosophers, who may be inclined to dismiss it as trivial, most specifically in contrast to ethics. Philosophy tends to grant absolute privilege to ethics over etiquette, placing the former alongside all of the traditional values favored b...(Read More)

Eating Culture
Eating Culture (August 1998)
Ron Scapp - Editor
Brian Seitz - Editor

Explores the relationship between eating and culture from a variety of perspectives, including anthropology, sociology, philosophy, gender studies, race studies, architecture, and AIDS discourse.

"The probing and finely detailed analyses of contemporary eating practices provided by Eating Culture make it an important contribution to contemporary cultural studies. Although the book takes as its subject a topic of ...(Read More)
The Trace of Political Representation
The Trace of Political Representation (May 1995)
Brian Seitz - Author

A philosophical analysis of the discourses, practices, and effects of representation in political institutions, focusing on American democracy.
"Seitz's book is a very fine example of a genre that we can expect to see gaining ascendancy in the next few years--a kind of genealogy of certain key political concepts, in this case 'representation.' As such, this work is at the cutting edge of a kind of politico-philosophical work that has its ...(Read More)
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