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Performing Marx
Performing Marx (January 2006)
Contemporary Negotiations of a Living Tradition
Bradley J. Macdonald - Author

Draws upon Marx, Western Marxism, and poststructuralist theory to constructively engage contemporary issues.

Performing Marx looks at what it means to be a Marxist dealing with contemporary political and theoretical developments in the twenty-first century. Drawing upon Marx’s work, Western Marxism, and poststructuralist theory, Bradley J. Macdonald explores how a living tradition of Marx’s ideas ...(Read More)
Strategies for Theory
Strategies for Theory (May 2003)
From Marx to Madonna
R. L. Rutsky - Editor
Bradley J. Macdonald - Editor

Interdisciplinary essays on the role of high theory in politics and popular culture.

Interdisciplinary in scope and often provocative in their choice of materials, the essays in this volume present new strategies for theorizing culture and politics. Not content simply to "apply" theory to political and cultural objects, they instead treat all three as complex, interconnected, and constantly evolving areas of...(Read More)
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