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The Experience of No-Self
The Experience of No-Self (March 1993)
A Contemplative Journey, Revised Edition
Bernadette Roberts - Author

"One of the most significant spiritual books of our day. One of the best books on this subject since St. John of the Cross. An amazing book, it clarifies the higher regions of the spiritual path." -- Father Thomas Keating

Within the traditional framework, the Christian notion of loss-of-self is generally regarded as the transformation or loss of the ego (lower self) as it attains to the higher or true self in its union with God. Thu...(Read More)
The Path to No-Self
The Path to No-Self (October 1991)
Life at the Center
Bernadette Roberts - Author

This book shows how, once we have adjusted to the unitive state, the spiritual journey moves on to yet another more final ending.

In our major religious traditions, the outstanding milestone in the spiritual journey is the permanent, irreversible transcendence of the self center or ego. The fact that a great deal has been written about the journey to this point means that many people have come this far. But what, we might ask, comes next? ...(Read More)
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