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Critical Power Tools
Critical Power Tools (July 2006)
Technical Communication and Cultural Studies
J. Blake Scott - Editor
Katherine V. Wills - Editor
Bernadette Longo - Editor

Winner of the 2007 National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Award for Best Collection of Essays on Technical and Scientific Communication

The first sourcebook for rethinking technical communication theory, practice, pedagogy, and research through a cultural studies lens.

The first book to focus on the intersection of cultural studies and technical communication, Critic...(Read More)
Spurious Coin
Spurious Coin (May 2000)
A History of Science, Management, and Technical Writing
Bernadette Longo - Author

Offers a narrative history of technical writing as a cultural practice and the system of scientific knowledge it controls.

Spurious Coin constructs a cultural history of technical writing in the United States and the system of scientific knowledge and power it controls. Embedded in this history are tensions between scientific and liberal arts knowledge-making that render technical writing both the genuine and counterfeit coin of...(Read More)
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