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Refiguring the Body
Refiguring the Body (December 2016)
Embodiment in South Asian Religions
Barbara A. Holdrege - Editor
Karen Pechilis - Editor

Examines how embodiment is conceived and experienced in South Asian religions.

Refiguring the Body provides a sustained interrogation of categories and models of the body grounded in the distinctive idioms of South Asian religions, particularly Hindu and Buddhist traditions. The contributors engage prevailing theories of the body in the Western academy that derive from philosophy, social theory, and feminist and gend...(Read More)
Veda and Torah
Veda and Torah (November 1995)
Transcending the Textuality of Scripture
Barbara A. Holdrege - Author

"In this book Barbara Holdrege has set a high standard for comparative work and has made an important contribution to both Hindu and Jewish studies. She has looked at Veda and Torah not simply as 'scripture,' but as systems of meaning, symbol systems, each with its own affiliated meanings, each with its symbolic context, and each with its history of interpretation. By addressing the whole complex in which Veda and Torah have been transmitted and b...(Read More)
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