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The Owl at Dawn
The Owl at Dawn (August 1995)
A Sequel to Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit
Andrew Cutrofello - Author

A present-day continuation of the philosophical narrative presented in G.W.F. Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit that confronts every major post-Hegelian philosophical position and arrives at an original reconception of the purpose of dialectical phenomenology.

“A brilliant, original evaluation of post-Hegelian philosophy from the perspective of Hegelian phenomenology.” — Lawrence S. Stepelevic...(Read More)
Discipline and Critique
Discipline and Critique (February 1994)
Kant, Poststructuralism, and the Problem of Resistance
Andrew Cutrofello - Author

"This is an excellently written, witty, and challenging book. It extends a Foucauldian debate on 'discipline' through an interesting critique of Kantian moralism and opens up new perspectives on a principled resistance in philosophy."
-- Martin Donougho, University of South Carolina

"Anyone interested in the current debates on poststructuralism and postmodernism, as well as anyone interested in the history of philosophy, or the connectio...(Read More)
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