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Feminist Mothering
Feminist Mothering (October 2008)
Andrea O'Reilly - Editor

Essays explore a wide range of contemporary feminist mothering practices.

Feminist Mothering goes beyond critiques of patriarchal motherhood to locate and investigate feminist maternal practices as sites for women’s empowerment and social change. The contributors see “feminist mothering” as practices of mothering that seek to challenge and change the norms of patriarchal motherhood that are ...(Read More)
Cuba (August 2007)
Idea of a Nation Displaced
Andrea O'Reilly Herrera - Editor

Internationally renowned scholars address the Cuban diaspora from multiple perspectives and locations.

In Cuba, internationally renowned artists, philosophers, and writers reflect on the idea of a nation displaced. Featuring contributions from Isabel Alvarez Borland, Antonio Benítez-Rojo, María Cristina García, William Navarrete, Eliana Rivero, Rafael Rojas, and Carlos Victoria, as well a...(Read More)
From Motherhood to Mothering
From Motherhood to Mothering (October 2004)
The Legacy of Adrienne Rich's Of Woman Born
Andrea O'Reilly - Editor

Explores how Rich's work has influenced feminist scholarship on motherhood.

In the years since the publication of Adrienne Rich's Of Woman Born, the topic of motherhood has emerged as a central issue in feminist scholarship. Arguably still the best feminist book on mothering and motherhood, Of Woman Born is not only a wide-ranging, far-reaching meditation on the meaning and experience of motherhood that dra...(Read More)
Toni Morrison and Motherhood
Toni Morrison and Motherhood (April 2004)
A Politics of the Heart
Andrea O'Reilly - Author

Traces Morrison’s theory of African American mothering as it is articulated in her novels, essays, speeches, and interviews.

Mothering is a central issue for feminist theory, and motherhood is also a persistent presence in the work of Toni Morrison. Examining Morrison’s novels, essays, speeches, and interviews, Andrea O’Reilly illustrates how Morrison builds upon black women’s experienc...(Read More)

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