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The Politics of Torah
The Politics of Torah (October 1996)
The Jewish Political Tradition and the Founding of Agudat Israel
Alan L. Mittleman - Author

A study of the origins and early history of the Agudat Israel movement in Germany, the first international political movement among Orthodox Jews.

"Mittleman seeks to do something which--to my knowledge--has not been done before, to see the emergence of the Agudah in Germany as a religious expression of a Jewish politics. He uses sociological theory to bring the 'intentionality' of the founders and spokesmen of the Aguda...(Read More)
Between Kant and Kabbalah
Between Kant and Kabbalah (July 1990)
An Introduction to Isaac Breuer's Philosophy of Judaism
Alan L. Mittleman - Author

"A study of Breuer opens the door to many of the most important issues in modern Jewish religious and political thinking. This book elucidates those issues with vigor." -- Robert Goldenberg

This is the first full-length, systematic study in English of Isaac Breuer, a founder of Agudat Israel, whose intellectual achievements reflected the world of Franz Rosenzweig and Martin Buber in an Orthodox mirror. It sheds light on an often neglected a...(Read More)
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