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Birth and Death of the Housewife
Birth and Death of the Housewife (October 2009)
Paola Masino - Author
Marella Feltrin-Morris - Translation and introduction by

First English translation of Paola Masino’s Nascita e morte della massaia, her most controversial novel that provoked Fascist censorship for its critical portrayal of marriage and motherhood.

Stepping out of her beloved trunk full of bread crumbs, dust, spider webs, books, and ragged funeral ornaments, the young protagonist of Paola Masino’s most controversial novel realizes that her fate is alread...(Read More)
The Ravine
The Ravine (January 2008)
Nivaria Tejera - Author
Carol Maier - Translation and afterword by

Fictional narrative of a young girl’s experiences at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War.

Set in the Canary Islands at the outset of the Spanish Civil War, The Ravine is the provocative, disturbing account of a child’s experience with war. Narrated by an unnamed seven-year-old girl, the story begins in the early days of the war when her father—a staunch supporter of the Republic—goes...(Read More)
Valvedre (March 2007)
George Sand - Author
Francoise Massardier-Kenney - Translation and introduction by

The first English translation of one of George Sand’s major novels.

An astonishingly modern novel, George Sand’s Valvèdre questions traditional Romantic representations of women and exposes the disastrous consequences such notions of femininity have for both male and female characters at a time when divorce was illegal. This first English translation by Françoise Massardier-Kenney s...(Read More)
Become Who You Are
Become Who You Are (November 2005)
Hedwig Dohm - Author
Elizabeth G. Ametsbichler - Translation and afterword by

Two texts—one novella and one essay—that exemplify Dohm’s passionate arguments for gender equality.

Hedwig Dohm (1831–1919) was a thinker and writer significantly ahead of her time. She championed women’s rights in Germany and criticized with acerbic wit the social, political, and familial inequities inherent in gender relationships at the time of the first wave of the women’s movem...(Read More)
My Beloved Toto
My Beloved Toto (October 2005)
Letters from Juliette Drouet to Victor Hugo 1833-1882
Juliette Drouet - Author
Evelyn Blewer - Edited and annotated
Victoria Tietze Larson - Translated with an introduction, additional notes, and glossary
Jean Gaudon - Preface by

Selected letters from Juliette Drouet to her lover, Victor Hugo, offering insights into nineteenth-century French culture as well as an insider’s look at the character, behavior, working habits, and day-to-day life of France’s most monumental man of letters.

My Beloved Toto, a collection of letters written by Juliette Drouet to her lover, Victor Hugo, tells the story of a life and of the great l...(Read More)
Drunk from the Bitter Truth
Drunk from the Bitter Truth (September 2005)
The Poems of Anna Margolin
Anna Margolin - Author
Shirley Kumove - Translated, edited, and with an introduction by

Runner-up for the 2007 National Jewish Book Award in Poetry

Winner of the 2007 Award in Yiddish Literature and Translation from Yiddish presented by the Helen and Stan Vine Canadian Jewish Book Awards

The poems of Anna Margolin (1887–1952), appearing here both in the original Yiddish and in English translation.

...(Read More)
Arab Women Writers
Arab Women Writers (May 2005)
An Anthology of Short Stories
Dalya Cohen-Mor - Editor, translator and introduction by

A collection of sixty short stories by women writers from across the Arab world.

Consisting of sixty short stories by forty women writers from across the Arab world, this collection opens numerous windows onto Arab culture and society and offers keen insights into what Arab women feel and think. The stories deal not only with feminist issues but also with topics of a social, cultural, and political nature. Different styl...(Read More)
Keeping House
Keeping House (April 2005)
A Novel in Recipes
Clara Sereni - Author
Giovanna Miceli Jeffries - Translator
Susan Briziarelli - Translator

Food and its preparation play an integral role in this novel of a young Italian woman struggling to find her own identity in a family of strong personalities and colorful figures.

"Over 100 recipes guide and shape Sereni’s autobiographical novel of self-discovery … foodies will relish learning how to make Arugula Spread, Vitello Tonnato (Veal with Tuna) and Zabaione Ice Cream." — Publishe...(Read More)
The Devil's Pool and Other Stories
The Devil's Pool and Other Stories (July 2004)
George Sand - Author
A. M. Blackmore - Translator
E. H. Blackmore - Translator
Francine Giguere - Translator

A new translation of Sand's most popular novella, known for its brevity, liveliness, and exemplary storytelling, together with two of Sand's most admired short stories.

Newly translated into English, "The Devil's Pool" is the most popular of George Sand's novellas and her best-selling work in France today. Illustrating Sand's brevity, liveliness, and exemplary storytelling, the tale deals with many of her char...(Read More)
Nelida (November 2003)
Marie d'Agoult - Author
Daniel Stern - Pen name
Lynn Hoggard - Translator

2004 Soeurette Diehl Fraser Award for Best Translation presented by the Texas Institute of Letters

A scandalous bestseller of mid-nineteenth-century France, translated here for the first time into English.

First published in 1846 under the pen name Daniel Stern, Nelida tells the story of a beautiful French heiress who surrenders everything—marriage, reputation, and an aristocra...(Read More)
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