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Discourse and Practice
Discourse and Practice (May 1992)
Frank E. Reynolds - Editor
David Tracy - Editor

"I believe that Discourse and Practice is a work of considerable significance which opens the way to a vital and progressive view of philosophy of religion reconsidered. It provides a much needed antidote to traditional (and sometimes sterile) treatments of philosophy of religion from purely Western approaches. It shows how 'others' may be seen to have theoretical awareness and interpretive structures of their own, rather than just being the...(Read More)
Mencius and Aquinas
Mencius and Aquinas (November 1990)
Theories of Virtue and Conceptions of Courage
Lee H. Yearley - Author

"This is a path-breaking work, of the first importance for moral philosophy as well as for the comparative study of religion and morality. Detailed studies of particular conceptions of particular virtues are rare enough; but no one has hitherto contributed a comparative study of this kind. The detailed comparison of Mencius and Aquinas on courage throws new light on both authors and on the variety of dimensions involved in notions of courage. Thi...(Read More)
Myth and Philosophy
Myth and Philosophy (November 1990)
Frank E. Reynolds - Editor
David Tracy - Editor

"The book as a whole seeks to reinvigorate an academic discipline (philosophy of religion) which has fallen on hard times, and to do so by building a bridge between philosophy and empirical-historical studies of religion. The topic is both significant and timely. Too long the empiricists have been inadequately sophisticated philosophically and too long the philosophers have ignored historical data both in its breadth and depth. In not only callin...(Read More)
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