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Leaving Children Behind
Leaving Children Behind (November 2004)
How "Texas-style" Accountability Fails Latino Youth
Angela Valenzuela - Editor

Argues for a more valid and democratic approach to assessment and accountability.

The federal government has based much of its education policies on those adopted in Texas. This book examines how "Texas-style" accountability—the notion that decisions governing retention, promotion, and graduation should be based on a single test score—fails Latina/o youth and their communities. The contributors, ma...(Read More)
Defining and Designing Multiculturalism
Defining and Designing Multiculturalism (November 2002)
One School System's Efforts
Pepi Leistyna - Author
Peter L. McLaren - Foreword by

An activist group works to bring a multicultural education program to an urban public school system.

Just outside a major urban center on the east coast of the United States an activist group struggled to create a system-wide multicultural education program. Through a seven-year qualitative study, Pepi Leistyna documents and interprets—via a critical pedagogical lens—this group’s work with professiona...(Read More)
Anti-Racist Scholarship
Anti-Racist Scholarship (March 2002)
An Advocacy
James Joseph Scheurich - Editor

Offers discussion and examples of how white scholars can use anti-racist scholarship as part of the long-term civil rights struggle to create real equality in the United States.

Most would agree that racism is a moral and spiritual violation of the human spirit and the human community and one of the most destructive social problems in the United States. In this thought-provoking and challenging book, Scheurich contend...(Read More)
African-Centered Pedagogy
African-Centered Pedagogy (February 2002)
Developing Schools of Achievement for African American Children
Peter C. Murrell Jr. - Author

Integrates the historical, cultural, political, and developmental considerations of the African American experience into a theory for the educational achievement of African American children.

What can teachers, administrators, families, and communities do to create schools that provide rich learning experiences for African American children? Based on a critical reinterpretation of several key educational frameworks, ...(Read More)
Double Jeopardy
Double Jeopardy (July 2001)
Addressing Gender Equity in Special Education
Harilyn Rousso - Editor
Michael L. Wehmeyer - Editor

Enables teachers and other school personnel working with students with disabilities to provide a gender equitable educational experience.

Outstanding Academic Title

Highlighting the educational issues of girls and young women with disabilities, Double Jeopardy examines how they are exposed to discrimination based on gender and disability/special education status, and ho...(Read More)
Women's Agency and Educational Policy
Women's Agency and Educational Policy (October 2000)
The Experiences of the Women of Kilome, Kenya
mutindi mumbua kiluva-ndunda - Author

Highlights the struggles of a group of women from rural Kenya to provide educational opportunities for their children.

This fascinating book examines rural African women's experiences of education in Kilome, Kenya, providing engrossing, and oftentimes heartbreaking, testimony on the cultural, historical, social, economic, and political factors that have shaped, and continue to shape, women's educational and economic opportunities there...(Read More)
Navigators (November 1999)
African American Musicians, Dancers, and Visual Artists in Academe
Theresa Jenoure - Author

Through excerpts and profiles, this inspiring book presents the experiences of twelve African American artists who teach at traditionally White colleges and universities.

Navigators vividly brings to life the stories of twelve African American artists who teach music, dance, and visual arts at colleges and universities that have traditionally been viewed as White institutions. In this captivating and moving book,...(Read More)
Subtractive Schooling
Subtractive Schooling (October 1999)
U.S. - Mexican Youth and the Politics of Caring
Angela Valenzuela - Author

2001 AESA Critics' Choice Award

2000 AERA Outstanding Book Award

2000 Gustavus Myers Outstanding Book Awards--Honorable Mention

Provides an enhanced sense of what’s required to genuinely care for and educate the U.S.–Mexican youth in America.

“Valenzuela’s thoughtful and thorough analysis of Latino/a students’ e...(Read More)
Cooperative Learning in Context
Cooperative Learning in Context (July 1999)
An Educational Innovation in Everyday Classrooms
Evelyn Jacob - Author

Explains why powerful educational innovations like "cooperative learning" do not always reach their full potential in everyday classrooms.

Cooperative Learning in Context examines the real-world implications of cooperative learning techniques used in a culturally diverse, suburban elementary school fourth grade mathematics class and sixth grade social studies class. Evelyn Jacob takes an anthropologist's eye to d...(Read More)
Iroquois Corn in a Culture-Based Curriculum
Iroquois Corn in a Culture-Based Curriculum (December 1998)
A Framework for Respectfully Teaching about Cultures
Carol Cornelius - Author

Provides a framework and an example for studying diverse cultures in a respectful manner, using the thematic focus of corn to examine the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) culture.

"Using American schools to help citizens understand, respect, and value cultural diversity is extremely important. However, efforts in K-12 schools today to teach about 'other' cultures are a mile wide and an inch deep. That is to say everybody is doing it, but almos...(Read More)
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