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The Possibilities of Society
The Possibilities of Society (June 1997)
Wordsworth, Coleridge, and the Sociological Viewpoint of English Romanticism
Regina Hewitt - Author

Approaches English Romanticism through sociological theory, arguing that Wordsworth and Coleridge tested hypotheses about social organization and action in their poetry. Offers a timely reevaluation of the Romantic poets as socially engaged thinkers.

This innovative book revises many standard assumptions in both literary and sociological fields. Approaching English Romanticism through sociological theory, Hewitt argues t...(Read More)
Theories of Literary Realism
Theories of Literary Realism (April 1997)
Dario Villanueva - Author
Mihai I. Spariosu - Translator
Santiago B. Castanon - Translator

A comprehensive reexamination of the question of realism in literature, reviewing major critical approaches in Spanish, French, German, and Anglo-American literary tradition, and offering original reader-response-based theory and readings.

Realism has not only shaped important schools and periods in literary history, but has also been a fundamental constant of all literature, its first theoretical formulation being the ...(Read More)
The Returns of History
The Returns of History (March 1997)
Russian Nietzscheans After Modernity
Dragan Kujundzic - Author

Examines the influence of Nietzsche on Russian Formalists, Russian Modernism, and Mikhail Bakhtin, reinforcing the importance of the modernist theoreticians by reading them in the contemporary theoretical context.

Throwing new light on the important thesis about the influence of Friedrich Nietzsche on Russian formalists and Russian modernism, this book presents this theme in the context of relevant research, and convincingly defines th...(Read More)
Apollinaire and the International Avant-Garde
Apollinaire and the International Avant-Garde (January 1997)
Willard Bohn - Author

This literary history examines Guillaume Apollinaire's reception and influence in the Western hemisphere during the early twentieth century. It identifies and reconstructs major literary and art historical paths of development, about which surprisingly little is known. In particular, it discusses Apollinaire's reception and formative influence in North America, England, Germany, Spain, Argentina, and Mexico, and includes important documents by Apoll...(Read More)
Canetti and Nietzsche
Canetti and Nietzsche (December 1996)
Theories of Humor in Die Blendung
Harriet Murphy - Author

This first full-length study investigates the profound implications of the peculiarly original sense of humor found in Elias Canetti's single novel--a facetiousness, understood in a Nietzschean sense, as a revolutionary aesthetic.
"This book deals with an important novel of a major twentieth-century writer. Murphy's approach effectively combines traditional literary criticism with such contemporary trends as feminist and post-colonial cri...(Read More)
Epic Grandeur
Epic Grandeur (December 1996)
Toward a Comparative Poetics of the Epic
Masaki Mori - Author

Examines both Western and Japanese epic traditions to argue for a new concept of the epic--an epic of peace, toward which the genre is evolving globally.
Epic Grandeur: Toward a Comparative Poetics of the Epic proposes a new concept of the epic. The book is based on the belief that the genre has been transforming itself throughout its history from conventional, war-oriented types to a new kind that promotes peace without having rec...(Read More)
The Biography of
The Biography of "the Idea of Literature" (December 1996)
From Antiquity to the Baroque
Adrian Marino - Author
Virgil Stanciu - Translator
Charles M. Carlton - Translator

A comprehensive examination of the meaning, history, and evolution of the basic notion of "literature" from antiquity to the seventeenth century.

The "idea of literature" is the very kernel of every literary study; however, this is the first survey of the historical development of this idea. Its purpose is to refute the belief, particularly prevalent in French criticism, that the "idea of literature" only appeared in the...(Read More)
The Poetics of Death
The Poetics of Death (July 1996)
The Short Prose of Kleist and Balzac
Beatrice Martina Guenther - Author

Discusses literary representations of death to explore the relation between writing and death--death understood as both the death of the individual and the death of meaning.
Traditionally, the act of writing constitutes a challenge to the finality of death. Yet "writing" as a subject for literary texts has its own tradition of imagery whose rhetoric is associated with loss rather than immortality. The limit of death seems to force a more ...(Read More)
Memoirs of a Terrorist
Memoirs of a Terrorist (July 1996)
Sally Patterson Tubach - Author

This is a haunting experimental novel about a daughter raped by her father, and the consequences of repressing this memory. In a parallel narrative, the father analyzes the posthumous writings of his daughter for clues to her thoughts and behavior.

Memoirs of a Terrorist is a gripping experimental novel about a young woman raped at the age of fifteen by her father. Having repressed this crime from her conscious a...(Read More)
Desert Songs
Desert Songs (July 1996)
Western Images of Morocco and Moroccan Images of the West
John Maier - Author

Examines American and Middle Eastern texts in studies of Orientalism and Occidentalism, and argues for a new approach to cultural studies that incorporates a wider variety of materials.

In an unusual approach to cultural studies, John Maier examines a wide variety of modern Western and Eastern texts. He brings together very different forms of cultural production: modern and postmodern fiction and folktales, advertisin...(Read More)
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