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Participation and Power
Participation and Power (February 2007)
Civic Discourse in Environmental Policy Decisions
W. Michele Simmons - Author

Takes a firsthand look at a case of public participation in environmental policy.

Participation and Power examines the ways in which citizens are allowed to participate in environmental policy decision making. Despite requirements that mandate public participation, institutional practices and current models of public participation often exclude citizens from anything other than a superficial role. W. Michele ...(Read More)
Sins against Science
Sins against Science (September 2006)
The Scientific Media Hoaxes of Poe, Twain, and Others
Lynda Walsh - Author

Recounts the fake news stories, written from 1830 to 1880, about scientific and technological discoveries, and the effect these hoaxes had on readers and their trust in science.

Lynda Walsh explores a provocative era in American history—the proliferation of fake news stories about scientific and technological discoveries from 1830 to 1880. These hoaxes, which fooled thousands of readers, offer a first-hand lo...(Read More)
Critical Power Tools
Critical Power Tools (July 2006)
Technical Communication and Cultural Studies
J. Blake Scott - Editor
Katherine V. Wills - Editor
Bernadette Longo - Editor

Winner of the 2007 National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Award for Best Collection of Essays on Technical and Scientific Communication

The first sourcebook for rethinking technical communication theory, practice, pedagogy, and research through a cultural studies lens.

The first book to focus on the intersection of cultural studies and technical communication, Critic...(Read More)
Metaphor and Knowledge
Metaphor and Knowledge (July 2003)
The Challenges of Writing Science
Ken Baake - Author
Stephen A. Bernhardt - Foreword by

Analyzing the power of metaphor in the rhetoric of science, this book examines the use of words to express complex scientific concepts.

Metaphor and Knowledge
offers a sweeping history of rhetoric and metaphor in science, delving into questions about how language constitutes knowledge. Weaving together insights from a group of scientists at the Santa Fe Institute as they shape the new interdisciplinary field of complexit...(Read More)
Writing Power
Writing Power (July 2003)
Communication in an Engineering Center
Dorothy A. Winsor - Author

Winner of the 2004 Distinguished Publication on Business Communication presented by the Association of Business Communication

Adds to our understanding of the powerful nature of texts and writing.

Writing Power
examines the way that texts, knowledge, and hierarchy generate and support one another within a for-profit corporation. By encouraging us to see texts and writing as powerful opera...(Read More)
Spurious Coin
Spurious Coin (May 2000)
A History of Science, Management, and Technical Writing
Bernadette Longo - Author

Offers a narrative history of technical writing as a cultural practice and the system of scientific knowledge it controls.

Spurious Coin constructs a cultural history of technical writing in the United States and the system of scientific knowledge and power it controls. Embedded in this history are tensions between scientific and liberal arts knowledge-making that render technical writing both the genuine and counterfeit coin of...(Read More)
User-Centered Technology
User-Centered Technology (November 1998)
A Rhetorical Theory for Computers and Other Mundane Artifacts
Robert R. Johnson - Author

1999 Best Book - National Council of Teachers of English NCTE Awards for Excellence in Technical and Scientific Communication

Presents a theoretical model for examining technology through a user perspective.

User-Centered Technology presents a theoretical model for examining technology through a user perspective. Johnson begins with a historical overview of the problem of technological...(Read More)
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