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Reclaiming Narrative for Public Theology
Reclaiming Narrative for Public Theology (October 2004)
Mary Doak - Author

Argues for American national narratives in Christian theology that respect the separation of church and state and a diverse, multifaith society.

This book furthers the development of American public theology by arguing for the importance of narrative to a theological interpretation of the nation's social and political life. In contrast to both sectarian theologies that oppose a diverse public life and liberal theologi...(Read More)
Rediscovering America's Sacred Ground
Rediscovering America's Sacred Ground (April 2003)
Public Religion and Pursuit of the Good in a Pluralistic America
Barbara A. McGraw - Author

Sees a way out of the contentious debates over the role of religion in American public life by looking back to the ideas of John Locke and the nation's Founders.

I would rank this book as one of the best to come out in recent years in addressing the religious/secular dimensions of the American socio-political order." — Derek H. Davis, Journal of Church and State

"This...(Read More)
Over the Wall
Over the Wall (February 2000)
Protecting Religious Expression in the Public Square
Frank Guliuzza III - Author

Discusses the relationship between the secularization of American society and Supreme Court decisions regarding the separation of church and state and offers a judicial alternative.
Over the Wall enters the extensive, and often heated, contemporary debates over both religion and politics and the desired relationship between church and state. Author Frank Guliuzza links the process of "secularization" with the Supreme Court's pencha...(Read More)
Solidarity and Suffering
Solidarity and Suffering (August 1998)
Toward a Politics of Relationality
Douglas Sturm - Author

Developing a concept of justice as solidarity, this work addresses a range of urgent social issues--from the meaning of human rights and the character of corporate governance to the resolution of social conflict and the moral status of the environment.

This book delineates a vision that moves beyond a politics of divisiveness toward a new way of constructing lives together throughout the world. Sturm's "politics of...(Read More)
Religion, Race, and Reconstruction
Religion, Race, and Reconstruction (July 1998)
The Public School in the Politics of the 1870s
Ward M. McAfee - Author

Simultaneously resurrects a lost dimension of a most important segment of American history and illuminates America's present and future by showing the role religious issues played in Reconstruction during the 1870s.

"This nineteenth-century study is highly instructive about a cluster of today's issues: the role of religion and religious beliefs in public education; interactions between religion and national self-underst...(Read More)
Pragmatic Theology
Pragmatic Theology (February 1998)
Negotiating the Intersections of an American Philosophy of Religion and Public Theology
Victor Anderson - Author

Argues that while contemporary American philosophies and philosophers of religion are proclaiming the end of theology, a neopragmatism has arrived to fill the void in meaning and moral fulfillment to which theology once supplied answers.

"A solid, scholarly, constructive advancement of the conversation among competing voices concerning the moral and spiritual issues facing us in America today is of paramount importance. ...(Read More)
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