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Sport and Postmodern Times
Sport and Postmodern Times (September 1998)
Genevieve Rail - Editor

Using postmodern social theory, this book expands our understanding of sport, the body, and the broader physical culture.

This book provides critical insight into the questions of race, gender, sexuality, and locality in sport and society. Topics discussed include postmodern sport writing; sport and the postmodern deconstruction of gender and sexuality; virtual sport and the postmodern mediascape; discipline, normalizati...(Read More)
Critical Postmodernism in Human Movement, Physical Education, and Sport
Critical Postmodernism in Human Movement, Physical Education, and Sport (October 1997)
Juan-Miguel Fernandez-Balboa - Editor

Explores the possibilities of postmodernism in the field of human movement and shows how the profession is related to broader social, political, and cultural contexts and histories.

"A collection of sound, well-written, and complementary texts which provides a long-overdue and much-needed critical foundation for discourse on professional reform in Human Movement."--Ralph C. Wilcox, University of Memphis

This book explains how and why the American armed forces embraced sports as a critical part of training and as entertainment for the men--and, eventually, women-- in uniform. The author traces the development of mil...(Read More)
The Swimsuit Issue and Sport
The Swimsuit Issue and Sport (March 1997)
Hegemonic Masculinity in Sports Illustrated
Laurel R. Davis - Author

Explores the cultural meanings of the swimsuit issue and shows how Sports Illustrated secures a large audience of men by creating a climate of hegemonic masculinity.

"The Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is the cultural keystone of what is worst about male-dominated sport media. This book is the most systematic treatment of the SI swimsuit issue to date, and it reveals some of the ways that sexism, racism, heter...(Read More)
Outsiders in the Clubhouse
Outsiders in the Clubhouse (June 1995)
The World of Women's Professional Golf
Todd W. Crosset - Author

A sociological examination of life within the subworld of women's professional golf that explores the interpersonal relations between athletes, fans, and sponsors on the LPGA tour and looks at tensions between gender, class, and prowess within the social world of golf.

"The book burns with relevance. The use of ethnography to evoke women's descriptions of their own world is unique and effective. Too often, women's ...(Read More)
Little Big Men
Little Big Men (September 1993)
Bodybuilding Subculture and Gender Construction
Alan M. Klein - Author

Little Big Men is a study of competitive bodybuilders on the West Coast that examines the subculture from the perspective of bodybuilders' everyday activities. It offers fascinating descriptions and insightful analogies of an important and understudied subculture that has risen to widespread popularity in today's mass culture.

Alan Klein conducted his field study of bodybuilding in some of the world's best-known gyms. In studying the...(Read More)
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