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Sporting Dystopias
Sporting Dystopias (March 2003)
The Making and Meanings of Urban Sport Cultures
Ralph C. Wilcox - Editor
David L. Andrews - Editor
Robert Pitter - Editor
Richard L. Irwin - Editor

Challenges the unexamined belief that sports stadiums, events, and teams in cities are always beneficial to the comunities.
Reaching beyond the popular celebration of commercial gains often associated with the proliferation of stadiums, events, and teams in the city, Sporting Dystopias explores the role of sport in the process of community building. Scholars from various fields, including anthropology, cultural studies, history, m...(Read More)
To the Extreme
To the Extreme (March 2003)
Alternative Sports, Inside and Out
Robert E. Rinehart - Editor
Synthia Sydnor - Editor

Insider and outsider narratives on the essence of modern “extreme” sports.

An international array of authors, including some prominent extreme athletes like Jake Burton and Arlo Eisenberg, look at a variety of issues and concerns within the new action extreme sports that are gaining popularity throughout the world. For each sport, an interpretation is presented through two essays: one written by a scholar act...(Read More)
Athletic Intruders
Athletic Intruders (January 2003)
Ethnographic Research on Women, Culture, and Exercise
Anne Bolin - Editor
Jane E. Granskog - Editor

Explores women's place in sport and exercise from a socioculture perspective.

Informed by feminism and the fields of anthropology and sociology of sport, this anthology investigates women's place in sport and exercise from a sociocultural perspective, documenting women's struggle into the sports arenas of male hegemony. The nine ethnographic case studies explore issues of identity, embodiment, and meaning in various...(Read More)
The Best Olympics Ever?
The Best Olympics Ever? (August 2002)
Social Impacts of Sydney 2000
Helen Jefferson Lenskyj - Author

Uses the Sydney Olympics as a prism through which to explore recent Olympic scandals, media coverage, reform efforts, and controversies.

Despite International Olympic Committee president Juan Antonio Samarach’s proclaiming the Sydney 2000 Olympics as the “best ever,” the truth of the matter is much less one-sided. In The Best Olympics Ever? Helen Jefferson Lenskyj discloses what the Sydney 2000 Olympic industr...(Read More)
Paradoxes of Youth and Sport
Paradoxes of Youth and Sport (March 2002)
Margaret Gatz - Editor
Michael A. Messner - Editor
Sandra J. Ball-Rokeach - Editor

Highlights the practical benefits and the many problems of youth and sports in the United States.

Paradoxes of Youth and Sport explores emergent debates among scholars, youth advocates, and sport practitionersconcerning the role of sport in the lives of young people in urban settings. Specialists from diverse fields examine how sport can address social ills and act as a resource in the lives of disadvantaged youth versus how spo...(Read More)
Michael Jordan, Inc.
Michael Jordan, Inc. (August 2001)
Corporate Sport, Media Culture, and Late Modern America
David L. Andrews - Editor

Uses Michael Jordan as a vehicle for viewing the broader social, economic, political, and technological concerns that frame contemporary culture.

Michael Jordan, Inc.
seeks to make sense of a celebrated figure whose public existence illuminates a late capitalist order defined by the convergence of corporate and media interests. Using Michael Jordan as a vehicle for viewing the broader social, economic, political, and t...(Read More)
Beyond the Cheers
Beyond the Cheers (June 2001)
Race as Spectacle in College Sport
C. Richard King - Author
Charles Fruehling Springwood - Author

From mascots to half-time shows to media coverage, Beyond the Cheers critically and honestly assesses the role of race in big time college sports.

Focusing on half-time performances, commercialized stagings, media coverage, public panics, and political protests, Beyond the Cheers offers an ethnography, history, and social critique of racial spectacles in college sport. King and Springwood argue that collegi...(Read More)
Higher Goals
Higher Goals (August 2000)
Women's Ice Hockey and the Politics of Gender
Nancy Theberge - Author

Winner of the 2001 North American Society for the Sociology of Sport Book Award

Offers a fascinating ethnography of physicality and gender relations in women's team contact sports.

The most extensive treatment to date of women's experiences in team sports, Higher Goals provides an ethnographic account of the "Blades," a Canadian team that plays at the highest levels of wom...(Read More)
Inside the Olympic Industry
Inside the Olympic Industry (July 2000)
Power, Politics, and Activism
Helen Jefferson Lenskyj - Author
Varda Burstyn - Foreword by

Analysis from the perspective of those adversely affected by the social, economic, political, and environmental impacts of hosting an Olympic Games.

In a startling exposé of the Olympic industry, Helen Jefferson Lenskyj goes beyond the media hype of international goodwill and spirited competition to uncover a darker side of the global Games. She reports on the pre- and post-Olympic impacts from recent host c...(Read More)
Mother's Taxi
Mother's Taxi (January 1999)
Sport and Women's Labor
Shona M. Thompson - Author

A detailed look at how domestic labor and childcare done by women provides the space for others to participate in sport, contributing directly to individual sporting careers and generally servicing sport as an institution.

Mother's Taxi is a detailed study of how women facilitate and service the sport played by others, particularly their immediate family members. It illustrates how domestic labor and childcare do...(Read More)
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