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Insect Defenses
Insect Defenses (July 1990)
Adaptive Mechanisms and Strategies of Prey and Predators
David L. Evans - Editor
Justin O. Schmidt - Editor

This work takes a fresh, modern approach to investigate and explain the predator and prey relationships of insects and spiders, the major terrestrial fauna on earth. Devoted to broad and in-depth analysis of arthropod defenses against predators, the book's approach is both experimentally and theoretically based with major emphasis on evolution, predator strategies and tactics, and prey defensive adaptations and behaviors.

The authors explain...(Read More)
Deception (December 1985)
Perspectives on Human and Nonhuman Deceit
Robert W. Mitchell - Editor
Nicholas S. Thompson - Editor

Mitchell and Thompson have compiled the first interdisciplinary study of deception and its manifestations in a variety of animal species. Deception is unique in that it presents detailed explorations of the broadest array of deceptive behavior, ranging from deceptive signaling in fireflies and stomatopods, to false-alarm calling by birds and foxes, to playful manipulating between people and dogs, to deceiving within intimate human relationsh...(Read More)
The Behavior of Penguins
The Behavior of Penguins (June 1985)
Adapted to Ice and Tropics
Dietland Muller-Schwarze - Author

“Strange geese.” That was their description when they were discovered in 1520 during Magellan's historic voyage. Today, penguins are familiar to everyone, yet few researchers have observed them in the remote regions in which they live.

Written by an ecologist-behaviorist who has worked extensively in the natural penguin habitat, The Behavior of Penguins is the first general work on the entire family of...(Read More)
The Whistling Hunters
The Whistling Hunters (June 1985)
Field Studies of the Asiatic Wild Dog (Cuon Alpinus)
Michael W. Fox - Author

The whistling dog, or dhole, of India is a little-known, distant cousin of our domestic dog. Highly intelligent, wary of man, and elusive as a jungle predator, this rare and beautiful creature is one of the most difficult animals to study. Its very nature defies the patience and skill of the most dedicated naturalist. Yet knowledge about its habits and a more widespread understanding and appreciation of this species are essential for its protecti...(Read More)
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