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Sacred Geography of the Ancient Greeks
Sacred Geography of the Ancient Greeks (December 1994)
Astrological Symbolism in Art, Architecture, and Landscape
Jean Richer - Author
Christine Rhone - Translator

This book provides proof of the existence and explains the significance of planned alignments between classical temples and oracle sites over a wide range of territory, pointing to an astrological system of planning in the ancient world. This system of symbolism may be used predictively and is supported by all relevant artifacts. Here is a unifying approach to the study of geomancy in the ancient world as a whole.

Richer has found a network o...(Read More)
Theosophical Enlightenment
Theosophical Enlightenment (November 1994)
Joscelyn Godwin - Author

This is an intellectual history of occult and esoteric currents in the English-speaking world from the early Romantic period to the early twentieth century. The Theosophical Society, founded in 1875 by Helena P. Blavatsky, holds a crucial position as the place where all these currents temporarily united, before again diverging. The book's ambiguous title points to the author's thesis that Theosophy owed as much to the skeptical Enlightenment of th...(Read More)
Mysticism, Death and Dying
Mysticism, Death and Dying (October 1994)
Christopher Nugent - Author

"This book illuminates the mysterious affinity between mysticism and death. There are many books today on death and dying, but none like this one." -- Bernadette Roberts

This book charts the borderline between the nocturnal side of mysticism and the luminous side of death and it illuminates their paradoxical affinities. Within a culture of both denial and despair, it affirms the reality but not the finality of death. If what the genera...(Read More)
Rediscovering the West
Rediscovering the West (August 1994)
An Inquiry Into Nothingness and Relatedness
Stephen C. Rowe - Author

"This is a truly distinguished book on an extremely significant topic: the value axis of Western and, especially American culture. There are countless books dealing with a critique of Western culture in the light of spiritual ideas, but very few things in the Zen perspective with such sophistication and acuteness while remaining faithful to the West." -- Jacob Needleman

"This book is a remarkable achievement in the ongoing East-West encounter...(Read More)
The Masters Revealed
The Masters Revealed (August 1994)
Madame Blavatsky and the Myth of the Great White Lodge
K. Paul Johnson - Author

"Previous works about the mysterious Madame Blavatsky are full of conflicting information, since she left behind a trail of concocted legends. The Masters Revealed, by K. Paul Johnson, strips away most of the fantasy and provides a wealth of new material.
"K. Paul Johnson's book is a real original. In straight-forward, readable prose, it presents a panorama of heroes, heroines, and eccentrics. Tracing Madame Blavatsky's secret life, it of...(Read More)
Gnosis (November 1993)
An Esoteric Tradition of Mystical Visions and Unions
Dan Merkur - Author

"I like the passion and enthusiasm of an author in touch with something real who pursues it with an open mind. Implicit here is the author's seriousness and commitment. He believes his subject makes a difference and he communicates this to the reader. The author's perspective gives some startling and important insights into a tradition that is for the most part unknown and ignored." -- Christopher Bamford, Lindisfarne Press

Gnosis t...(Read More)
Paranormal Experience and Survival of Death
Paranormal Experience and Survival of Death (September 1993)
Carl B. Becker - Author

"This book is lucidly written, well organized, and succinct as an overview of the empirical evidence for survival. The author efficiently summarizes the arguments and counterarguments surrounding alleged cases of reincarnation, apparition, out of body experiences and near death experiences. Some of the theoretical material is superb. For these reasons, it is a book I want on my shelf. Most other studies of this kind are hopelessly partisan; this stu...(Read More)
German Mysticism From Hildegard of Bingen to Ludwig Wittgenstein
German Mysticism From Hildegard of Bingen to Ludwig Wittgenstein (July 1993)
A Literary and Intellectual History
Andrew Weeks - Author

"This book offers a fine overview of the emergence and development of a German mystical tradition. Weeks introduces the major figures and characterizes the nature of their religious experience. His work provides insights into specific doctrines or modes of thought while at the same time offering a framework into which the specifics may be fit in order to form a coherent whole."-- Debra L. Stoudt, University of Toledo

This book offers the re...(Read More)
Mysticism Examined
Mysticism Examined (July 1993)
Philosophical Inquiries into Mysticism
Richard H. Jones - Author

Mysticism presents a challenge to anyone who is interested in fundamental questions about the nature of reality, knowledge, and how we should live. In this book the author examines questions posed by mysticism. He clarifies the nature of the claims advanced by Western and Asian mystics, and explores the beliefs and values of classical mystical ways of life for their interconnections and reasonableness. Jones discusses whether all mystical experie...(Read More)
The Golden Fleece and Alchemy
The Golden Fleece and Alchemy (March 1993)
Antoine Faivre - Author

"Fascinating. A magisterial presentation of the historical data." -- Dan Merkur, University of Toronto

"By showing the continuous presence of the idea of the Argonauts and the voyage of the Golden Fleece in our history, the author demonstrates this myth to be a basic archetype of Western culture. The book is continually interesting to read." -- Christopher Bamford, Lindisfarne Press

This book traces the Golden Fleece myth from late p...(Read More)
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