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When Push Comes to Shove
When Push Comes to Shove (November 1998)
A Routine Conflict Approach to Violence
Leslie W. Kennedy - Author
David R. Forde - Author

Provides a comprehensive look at violence as rooted in routine conflict in daily social interactions.

When Push Comes to Shove examines the ways in which people define and respond to confrontations and interpersonal dilemmas in their lives. It includes insights from constructionist, interactionist, and criminal event perspectives to present the situational factors that contribute to conflict. The recent revelatio...(Read More)
When Women Kill
When Women Kill (February 1996)
Coramae Richey Mann - Author

A fascinating profile of female homicide offenders emerges from this analysis of the characteristics of women murderers in six cities in the United States, including the circumstances of the murders, the role of the victims, the role of the perpetrators, and their fates in court.

The volume explores every aspect of females who murdered--from arrest through sentencing--and provides descriptions of ecological and other cir...(Read More)
Alcohol and Homicide
Alcohol and Homicide (July 1995)
A Deadly Combination of Two American Traditions
Robert Nash Parker - Author
Linda-Anne Rebhun - With

The authors show how and why alcohol and violence are so often linked today.
"Your analysis of alcohol and homicide is the best I have yet encountered. You are thorough, cautious with conclusions, proper in telling us what you have not included. I applaud your analysis, your language and your properly limited conclusions." -- Marvin E. Wolfgang, University of Pennsylvania
"This book makes an important contribution to the literature on...(Read More)
The Currents of Lethal Violence
The Currents of Lethal Violence (October 1994)
An Integrated Model of Suicide and Homicide
N. Prabha Unnithan - Author
Lin Huff-Corzine - Author
Jay Corzine - Author
Hugh P. Whitt - Author

Building on past work, the authors outline an integrated model for linking suicide and homicide and show how that research from this perspective can further our understanding of violence. Specifically, they show that research based on this model provides new insights into how structural and cultural factors combine to produce high homicide levels in the American South and cross-national difference in lethal violence rates. In conclusion, they eval...(Read More)
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