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Work and Inequality in Urban China
Work and Inequality in Urban China (January 1994)
Yanjie Bian - Author

"The work under review provides systematic evidence of the importance of organizational location in the system of rewards in one Chinese city and invites us to think more deeply about the sources of segmentation phenomena....The resulting book is a wide-ranging and informative discussion of the dynamics of stratification in urban China, set in a comparative context. It should be of interest not only to those interested in Chinese society, but a...(Read More)
Elite Families
Elite Families (September 1993)
Class and Power in Nineteenth-Century Boston
Betty G. Farrell - Author

"Good work! Well written! A solid contribution to an important area of American social history." -- Peter Dobkin Hall, Yale University

This book maps the development of a regional elite and its persistence as an economic upper class through the nineteenth century. Farrell's study traces the kinship networks and overlapping business ties of the most economically prominent Brahmin families from the beginning of industrialization in the 1820s...(Read More)
Gender, Time, and Reduced Work
Gender, Time, and Reduced Work (July 1993)
Cynthia Negrey - Author

"Negrey's use of qualitative methods is excellent, as are her insights about gender and the double burden, the ideology of motherhood, cultural notions of masculinity, and the nature of housework and gender." -- Anne Statham, University of Wisconsin

This book compares and analyzes different forms of reduced work: conventional part-time employment, temporary employment, job sharing, and work sharing. Through interviews, workers reveal their ...(Read More)
Power in the Workplace
Power in the Workplace (January 1993)
The Politics of Production at AT&T
Steven Peter Vallas - Author

This book presents a systematic case study of the hi-tech communications industry that reveals many trends in managerial authority in the workpace. Vallas reveals the mechanisms that enable advanced capitalist firms to achieve and maintain control over the workers they employ. He demonstrates that the spread and integration of automated technologies place lower level human labor in positions of declining power. The new regime does not deskill wor...(Read More)
Enforcing the Work Ethic
Enforcing the Work Ethic (February 1991)
Rhetoric and Everyday Life in a Work Incentive Program
Gale Miller - Author

This analysis, based on a year's observation of social relations in a Work Incentive Program (WIC) office, explores the ways in which staff members organize their interactions with clients, coworkers, and supervisors. Miller focuses on rhetoric (persuasive discourse) as a central aspect of everyday work and as a means of analyzing activities and relationships. He shows, for example, how staff members, clients, and supervisors rhetorically define and...(Read More)
Rationalizing Justice
Rationalizing Justice (September 1990)
The Political Economy of Federal District Courts
Wolf Heydebrand - Author
Carroll Seron - Author

"This is exceptionally competent scholarship about a topic of current interest and enduring importance. The evidence is presented in a compelling manner. The topic is very significant for the sociology of law, organizations, and work. I believe that this can be a landmark study in each of these large areas of the field." -- Richard H. Hall, State University of New York, Albany
This book connects the history and organization of the federal di...(Read More)
Organizational Membership
Organizational Membership (August 1990)
Personal Development in the Workplace
Howell S. Baum - Author

"This is an innovative integration of psychoanalytic theory, sociology of organizations, and consultation that goes beyond sociology, psychoanalysis, industrial psychology and career studies to undergird all of them with a more complex and sophisticated conceptualization focused on career choice and career development. Not many 'how to' books offer a solid theoretical base; not many theoretical books offer modes of ready application. This book does ...(Read More)
The Politics of Knowledge
The Politics of Knowledge (June 1989)
Activist Movements in Medicine and Planning
Lily M. Hoffman - Author

In this book the author examines the question of the compatibility of politics, policy-making, and professional work. Based on nineteen case studies of organizations, Hoffman looks at "what happened" as doctors and planners set out to redistribute services to minorities and the poor between 1960 and 1980.
"Dr. Hoffman's important work is one of the few empirical studies which focuses both on the dynamics of social movements and on conflicts ove...(Read More)
Women, Work, and Divorce
Women, Work, and Divorce (March 1989)
Richard R. Peterson - Author

This book considers how women cope with the economic hardship which accompanies divorce, using national longitudinal data on a generation of women in the United States. These women came of age at a time when they were expected to give priority to family roles over work roles. Yet by the time many of them were divorced in the 1970s, with the climate of changing perceptions of gender roles, women were expected to work, and were unprepared for the ec...(Read More)
Under Construction
Under Construction (October 1986)
Work and Alienation in the Building Trades
Marc L. Silver - Author

"This is a thorough study of construction work in its own right, but broadens its focus to address larger intellectual issues. It is a refreshing mixture of quantitative and qualitative scholarship with political analysis and commentary." -- Paul Attewell

Under Construction offers a unique examination of organization and work in the construction industry. Synthesizing organizational and labor relations orientations, it develops a compr...(Read More)
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