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Expanding the American Dream
Expanding the American Dream (February 1993)
Building and Rebuilding Levittown
Barbara M. Kelly - Author

Much has been written about the housing policies of the Depression and the Postwar period. Much less has been written of the houses built as a result of these policies, or the lives of the families who lived in them. Using the houses of Levittown, Long Island, as cultural artifacts, this book examines the relationship between the government-sponsored, mass-produced housing built after World War II, the families who lived in it, and the society tha...(Read More)
The Positive Image
The Positive Image (February 1988)
Women Photographers in Turn-of-the-Century America
C. Jane Gover - Author

The Positive Image tells the largely untold story of women photographers in turn of the century America. Women like Gertrude Kasebier, Frances Benjamin Johnston, Alice Austen, Catherine Weed Ward, and Eva Watson-Schutze were among thousands of women who as professional and amateur photographers sought personal, artistic, and professional fulfillment while still connected to the traditional domestic environment.

These women created a p...(Read More)
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