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Impartiality in Context
Impartiality in Context (July 1997)
Grounding Justice in a Pluralist World
Shane O'Neill - Author

Assesses critically the work of Rawls, Walzer, and Habermas and presents a theory of justice that responds to two senses of pluralism.

"Shane O'Neill's book is an interesting analysis of Rawls's and Walzer's theories of justice and Habermas's discourse ethics. Its major contribution is to defend the superiority of Habermas's approach against those of Rawls and Walzer and to bring the feminist literature into the discussi...(Read More)
Wrongness, Wisdom, and Wilderness
Wrongness, Wisdom, and Wilderness (June 1997)
Toward a Libertarian Theory of Ethics and the Environment
Tal Scriven - Author

Defends a libertarian social ethic that can support government action in pursuit of social goals and offers a new perspective on the relationship between social ethics, personal ethics, and environmental ethics.

"This is a provocative new perspective on the relationship of social ethics and the 'good life' of individuals. What is most significant is the defense of a plausible libertarian social ethic, an ethic that can s...(Read More)
Against Nature
Against Nature (July 1996)
The Concept of Nature in Critical Theory
Steven Vogel - Author

Argues that the tradition of critical theory has had significant problems dealing with the concept of nature and that their solutions require taking seriously the idea of nature as socially constructed.

“Vogel's book lies at the intersection of three important fields: Marxist Critical Theory, postempiricist philosophy and sociology of science, and environmental ethics. It is truly excellent. The argument is origina...(Read More)
Mass Enlightenment
Mass Enlightenment (September 1995)
Critical Studies in Rousseau and Diderot
Julia Simon - Author

Using the writings of the critical theorists of the Frankfurt School as a framework, this book uncovers the tensions and contradictions associated with the rise of capitalism as manifested in the writings of Rousseau and Diderot.
"This is an intriguing and provocative study of two major French Enlightenment philosophes from the Marxian perspective of Frankfurt School thinkers Weber, Adorno, Horkheimer, and Habermas. The picture of...(Read More)
Reason, History, and Politics
Reason, History, and Politics (March 1995)
The Communitarian Grounds of Legitimation in the Modern Age
David Ingram - Author

The author shows that conceptions of rationality in current theories of science and law can account for neither the legitimacy of paradigm shifts nor the communitarian integrity internal to paradigms generally. He proposes an alternative conception of rationality that does.

Winner of the 17th Annual Alpha Sigma Nu Book Award (National Jesuit Honor Society.)

"This book has tremendous range, exemplifi...(Read More)
The Fragmented World of the Social
The Fragmented World of the Social (February 1995)
Essays in Social and Political Philosophy
Axel Honneth - Author
Charles W. Wright - Editor

The essays in this book weave together insights and arguments from such diverse traditions as German critical theory, French philosophy and social theory, and recent Anglo-American moral and political theory, offering a unique approach to the political and theoretical consequences of the modernism/postmodernism discussion. Through an analysis of central themes in classical Marxism and early critical theory, the author shows how recent work in a var...(Read More)
Problems of Style
Problems of Style (January 1995)
Michel Foucault's Epistemology
Walter Privitera - Author
Jean Keller - Translator

This is a unification of Michel Foucault's thought as a systematic epistemological project. Privitera shows that the method and unity of Foucault's writings can only be seen by examining their origins in the work of Bachelard and Canguilhem.
In this original reading, Privitera argues for a continuity in Foucault's work best seen when various themes and methodological strategies in his writings are traced back to the influence of Gaston B...(Read More)
The Culture of Citizenship
The Culture of Citizenship (June 1994)
Inventing Postmodern Civic Culture
Thomas Bridges - Author

This book seeks to salvage liberalism, as a form of political association and as a unique culture, from the wreck of the Enlightenment. Following the lead of John Rawls’s work since 1980, Bridges seeks to rethink the fundamental concepts and moral ideals of liberalism in ways that support the recovery and affirmation of the particularistic cultural identity of the West.

“The Culture of Citizenship is provo...(Read More)
The Disenchantment of Reason
The Disenchantment of Reason (April 1994)
The Problem of Socrates in Modernity
Paul R. Harrison - Author

This book is an examination of nineteenth-century interpretations of Socrates by Hegel, Kierkegaard, and Nietzsche in the light of the contemporary debates over rationality in the modern world. These interpretations of Socrates have fundamentally influenced modern and postmodern thought, and their complexity reflects both an attraction to, and a fear of, the peculiarly modern concept of reason that Socrates is read as embodying.

Socrates is ...(Read More)
The Sense of Appropriateness
The Sense of Appropriateness (September 1993)
Application Discourses in Morality and Law
Klaus Gunther - Author
John Farrell - Translator

"Does the justification of moral principle or rule of law justify its application to particular cases? This is the issue in Klaus Gunther's The Sense of Appropriateness. It is handled with great skill and critical insight. This is an admirable performance which makes a serious advance in the Frankfurt approach to the study of rational practical discourse." -- D. N. MacCormick, Center for Criminology and the Social and Philosophical Study o...(Read More)
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