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Religious Dialectics of Pain and Imagination
Religious Dialectics of Pain and Imagination (October 1994)
Bradford T. Stull - Author

This book explores the possibility of a "liberatory postmodern rhetoric" or, alternatively, a "postmodern liberation rhetoric." The author turns to one of the most ancient disciplines, rhetoric, in order to address a most contemporary concern: how can humans imagine new and better worlds when surrounded by unspeakable pain?

After a foray into key terms--rhetoric, postmodern, liberation, pain, imagination, religion--the author places into con...(Read More)
Blessed Excess
Blessed Excess (April 1993)
Religion and the Hyperbolic Imagination
Stephen H. Webb - Author

"This book builds on existing theories of religion and identifies hyperbole as a characteristic of religious understanding. Until now, no one has explicated hyperbole systematically in relation to other tropes--irony, metaphor, analogy, understatement. In so doing, Webb brings genuinely new insight into religion as an intensification of ordinary experience. His choice of texts to illustrate different ways in which hyperbole can function in theol...(Read More)
The Creation of Chaos
The Creation of Chaos (October 1991)
William James and the Stylistic Making of a Disorderly World
Frederick J. Ruf - Author

"This book manages to be original in two ways at once: it is both a rhetorical reading of James (much needed and well done) and a reflection on chaos as a religious symbol. The latter aspect draws from a variety of sources which makes for fascinating reading. This double focus allows the author to discuss James' style from a specific perspective, namely chaos, which gives the book unity and enables much insight. This double perspective also allo...(Read More)
Re-Figuring Theology
Re-Figuring Theology (July 1991)
The Rhetoric of Karl Barth
Stephen H. Webb - Author

"The status of rhetoric in relation to conceptual thought has been an important issue since the 13th century. With the advent of deconstructionism, it has become more urgent to sort out the implications of the different positions taken on this issue.

"The theology of Karl Barth is a strategic test case for exploring this issue, both because he is a central figure in twentieth century theology and because of the r...(Read More)
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