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The Metaphysics of Evolution
The Metaphysics of Evolution (November 1989)
David L. Hull - Editor

"Hull covers a set of topics that are of central importance to systematists and other evolutionists as well as to philosophers and historians of science: individuality, classification, historical explanation, human nature, and much more." -- Michael J. Donoghue, University of Arizona

This critical collection of essays represents the best of the best when it comes to philosophy of biology. Many chapters treat evolution as a biological...(Read More)
Issues in Evolutionary Epistemology
Issues in Evolutionary Epistemology (November 1989)
Kai Hahlweg - Editor
C. A. Hooker - Editor

This book provides the fullest philosophical examination of theories of evolutionary epistemology now available. Here for the first time are found major statements of new theories, new applications, and many new critical explorations.

The book is divided into four parts: Part I introduces several new approaches to evolutionary epistemology; Part II attempts to widen the scope of evolutionary epistemology, either by tackling more traditional...(Read More)
Nature in Asian Traditions of Thought
Nature in Asian Traditions of Thought (May 1989)
Essays in Environmental Philosophy
J. Baird Callicott - Editor
Roger T. Ames - Editor

"In a single volume, this brings to the forefront a diversity of perspectives concerning environmental philosophy. Informed scholars reflect upon our current understanding of biology, ecology, and non-western philosophical traditions in order to rethink the platform of the conservationist's cause. Each chapter reveals important insights and contains much original thinking as contributors explore new ideological resources for managing our global en...(Read More)
The Structure of Biological Theories
The Structure of Biological Theories (April 1989)
Paul Thompson - Author

"This is a first-class piece of work. The philosophy of biology generally is a subject that has leapt ahead in recent years, and Thompson is one of the best of the young practitioners. The topic with which he deals is timely and his approach is controversial and exciting. He makes his case skillfully and with much knowledge." -- Michael Ruse, editor of Biology and Philosophy

"The central message of the book is that general philosophica...(Read More)
In Defense of the Land Ethic
In Defense of the Land Ethic (February 1989)
Essays in Environmental Philosophy
J. Baird Callicott - Author

In Defense of the Land Ethic: Essays in Environmental Philosophy brings into a single volume J. Baird Callicott's decade-long effort to articulate, defend, and extend the seminal environmental philosophy of Aldo Leopold. A leading voice in this new field, Callicott sounds the depths of the proverbial iceberg, the tip of which is "The Land Ethic."

"The Land Ethic," Callicott argues, is traceable to the moral psychology of David Hume a...(Read More)
Philosophy of Biology Today
Philosophy of Biology Today (November 1988)
Michael Ruse - Author

"Ruse's piece is a significant, clearly written synopsis of the current state of the subject. Biology is rapidly overtaking physics as the most exciting arena of philosophical analysis, and Ruse has emerged as one of the several leading figures in the philosophy of biology worldwide. He is correct in perceiving that evolutionary biology in particular has the greatest bearing of any science on ethics and epistemology." -- Edward O. Wilson, Harvard ...(Read More)
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