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The Secret Chain
The Secret Chain (December 1994)
Evolution and Ethics
Michael Bradie - Author

“Bradie's is the first book to specifically focus upon the relationship between evolutionary ethics and evolutionary epistemology. The literature is filled with controversy largely due to scholars pulling from both traditions without careful regard for their differences and presuppositions. Bradie uses his analytic philosophical training to clarify the positions of virtually every scholar, from the eighteenth century to the present...(Read More)
Marxism and Human Sociobiology
Marxism and Human Sociobiology (May 1994)
The Perspective of Economic Reforms in China
Boshu Zhang - Author

"This book is completely original in its main premise and at every stage of its argument. It not only reveals the thinking of a brilliant Chinese intellectual, but also displays breakthrough ideas having important universal implications transcending China."-- Kirill Thompson

"What I liked most about the book is the personal voice the author carries in approaching the problems surrounding the present socioeconomic situation in China. China has...(Read More)
Evolutionary Ethics
Evolutionary Ethics (August 1993)
Matthew H. Nitecki - Editor
Doris V. Nitecki - Editor

This volume analyzes the biological and philosophical disagreements in evolutionary ethics and points out difficulties with the interpretations.

The book is divided into four sections. The first is an historical introduction to the origin of evolutionary ethics, showing how different evolutionary ethics was a hundred years ago, and how distant Huxley is from most of us now. The second section argues for a sociobiological interpretation of e...(Read More)
A Practical Philosophy for the Life Sciences
A Practical Philosophy for the Life Sciences (July 1993)
Wim J. van der Steen - Author

This book integrates philosophy of biology and philosophy of medicine with the purpose of making philosophy practical for students and scientists. It contains many exercises and examples from live science. Much attention is given to the translation of scientific reasoning into the language of philosophy. The author shows that philosophical models can be used to evaluate science, if the limitations of the models are recognized so they can be applied ...(Read More)
Scientific Discovery
Scientific Discovery (July 1993)
Logic and Tinkering
Aharon Kantorovich - Author

"This is the best English language book in evolutionary epistemology so far." -- Donald T. Campbell, Lehigh University

"It's comprehensive, thorough, and synthesizes many different ideas and views. It's intelligent, well argued, clear, and well organized. The work as a whole represents an original and worthwhile approach to an imporant issue." -- David B. Resnik, University of Wyoming

Kantorovich analyzes the notion of discovery. He...(Read More)
Sociobiology, Sex, and Science
Sociobiology, Sex, and Science (January 1993)
Harmon R. Holcomb III - Author

"Holcomb is now clearly the leading authority on sociobiology among philosophers of science. The book is non-polemical and non-ideological, thus making it far superior to Kitcher's earlier work, which it most resembles. Holcomb's aim is the promotion of science and new and better insights into the basis of science. He successfully uses human sociobiology as a research domain to investigate the nature of science, for which it is admirably suited. ...(Read More)
History and Evolution
History and Evolution (July 1992)
Matthew H. Nitecki - Editor
Doris V. Nitecki - Editor

The studies of evolutionary biology and of human history face the same kinds of problems and deal with the same processes. Both disciplines deal with similar questions in similar ways, but do the methods used produce comparable knowledge, and are the differences and similarities between these disciplines real?

This book examines the philosophy of historical and evolutionary studies; the objectivity and meanings of human and evolutionary hist...(Read More)
The Animal Rights/Environmental Ethics Debate
The Animal Rights/Environmental Ethics Debate (July 1992)
The Environmental Perspective
Eugene C. Hargrove - Editor

"This book traces the Animal Rights/Environmental Ethics dispute through the key steps of its history, in the form of the most important original articles, and points the way to a resolution. It is useful to the scholar interested in the animal rights issue and it is appropriate as a textbook in a course in Environmental Ethics at any level, from beginning to graduate. For the beginner, it teaches the key issues in non-technical language and for t...(Read More)
The Sociobiological Imagination
The Sociobiological Imagination (September 1991)
Mary Maxwell - Editor

This book presents reports on the uses of sociobiology and general evolutionary theory by members of diverse disciplines: psychiatry, law, management theory, anthropology, economics, primatology, history, political science, ethical philosophy, cognitive psychology, epistemology, socioecology of religion, studies of conflict, Marxist thought, aesthetics, sociology, linguistics, and psychology.

The purpose of the book is threefold -- to acknow...(Read More)
Evolutionary Epistemology and its Implications for Humankind
Evolutionary Epistemology and its Implications for Humankind (July 1990)
Franz M. Wuketits - Author

"It is a concise introduction to evolutionary epistemology and thus serves the growing philosophy of biology discipline well. It is the first book-length work written specifically to introduce students and scholars to the field of evolutionary epistemology and its philosophical ramifications." -- David Edward Shaner

This books aims to outline the scientific (biological) foundations of evolutionary epistemology, and to discuss its impl...(Read More)
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