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Freud's Dream of Interpretation
Freud's Dream of Interpretation (February 1990)
Ken Frieden - Author

Frieden explores methods of dream interpretation in the Bible, the Talmud, and in the writings of Sigmund Freud, and brings to light Freud's troubled relationship to his Judaic forerunners. This book reveals unfamiliar associations in intellectual history and challenges received ideas in biblical, Talmudic, and Freudian scholarship.

Freud distanced himself from dream interpreters such as Joseph and Daniel by rejecting their intuitive methods ...(Read More)
The Writing of Yehuda Amichai
The Writing of Yehuda Amichai (July 1989)
A Thematic Approach
Glenda Abramson - Author

"It seems to me that Dr. Abramson treats her subject with enviable intelligence and authority. In my judgment, she has produced a work of distinction." -- Stanley F. Chyet, Hebrew Union College

Yehuda Amichai is an Israeli poet of international distinction. Known as Israel's "master poet," Amichai conveys a portrait of life in modern Israel, summarizing and reflecting all the major preoccupations of his generation. Unlike most...(Read More)

Passionate Women, Passive Men
Passionate Women, Passive Men (February 1988)
Suicide in Yiddish Literature
Janet Hadda - Author

"This is a book that could not have been conceived, never mind written, even a decade ago. It uses central texts from the canon of Yiddish letters, applies a sophisticated psychoanalytic methodology to them, and arrives at a set of questions which will set the course of the criticism of Yiddish letters in a new direction." --Sander L. Gilman, Cornell University

Suicide is always a controversial issue. Among Jews, it is often taboo. Stereotypi...(Read More)
Israeli Mythogynies
Israeli Mythogynies (July 1987)
Women in Contemporary Hebrew Fiction
Esther Fuchs - Author

This book is the first to systematically examine the representation of women by mainstream Hebrew authors from the Palmah Generation to the New Wave. Fuchs' unique analytical method exposes the male-centered bias which often inspires the works of such prominent and widely translated authors as S. Yizhar, Moshe Shamir, A. B. Yehoshua and Amos Oz. She exposes both the continuities and the transformations in the literary represen...(Read More)
Modern Midrash
Modern Midrash (January 1987)
The Retelling of Traditional Jewish Narratives by Twentieth-Century Hebrew Writers
David C. Jacobson - Author

This book explores a central phenomenon in the development of modern Jewish literature: the retelling of tradtional Jewish narratives by twentieth-century writers. It shows how and toward what ends Biblical stories, legends, and Hasidic tales have been used in shaping modern Hebrew literature.

The author's impressive knowledge and careful analysis of both early and modern Hebrew texts reveal the main literary features of the g...(Read More)
Apocalyptic Messianism and Contemporary Jewish-American Poetry
Apocalyptic Messianism and Contemporary Jewish-American Poetry (June 1986)
R. Barbara Gitenstein - Author

Focusing on the rich context of esoteric Jerish literature, this collection presents in-depth analyses of Jewish-American poetry. Gitenstein defines Jewish messianism and the literary genre of the apocalyptic, describes historical movements and kabbalistic theories, and analyzes their influence as part of the post-Holocaust consciousness. Represented are works by such poets as Irving Feldman, Jack Hirschman, John Hollander, David Meltzer, ...(Read More)
Beyond Marginality
Beyond Marginality (November 1985)
Anglo-Jewish Literature After the Holocaust
Efraim Sicher - Author

In a unique study of Anglo-Jewish writers in the post-war period, Dr. Sicher traces through their works the story of the rise of the Jewish community from slum poverty to suburban affluence. This period is one of crucial social change in Britain. At the same time, Dr. Sicher raises serious questions about the modern writer's cultural and ethnic identity. In this process, Dr. Sicher advances the thesis that, under the impetus of the Holocaust, t...(Read More)
Crisis and Covenant
Crisis and Covenant (October 1985)
The Holocaust in American Jewish Fiction
Alan L. Berger - Author

I am convinced that this book will be an important contribution to the understanding of events and issues that defy understanding.

"Much has been written about the theology of the Holocaust, and also about the literature of the Holocaust. What Alan Berger has done is to combine both. Furthermore, he deals more with writers than with concepts, or rather: he deals with concepts through the works of writers." -- Elie Wiesel, Andrew W. Mellon ...(Read More)
Fear of Fiction
Fear of Fiction (June 1985)
Narrative Strategies in the Works of Isaac Bashevis Singer
David Neal Miller - Author

David Neal Miller's Fear of Fiction is the first book-length study that begins with the understanding that Singer is truly a Yiddish writer in language and culture. With the exception of a handful of articles, American critical examination of Isaac Bashevis Singer's work has been devoted to Singer's work in English--to those pieces he himself has selected for translation. This American Nobel laureate is part of a long tradition of Yiddish l...(Read More)
New Jewish Voices
New Jewish Voices (June 1985)
Plays Produced by the Jewish Repertory Theatre
Edward M. Cohen - Editor

New Jewish Voices presents the first anthology of modern Jewish-American drama. These highly acclaimed plays, previously produced by New York City's nationally-renowned Jewish Repertory Theatre, offer an enjoyable and eye-opening introduction to the unique and modern voice of five young writers. The insights and visions of these playwrights will help redefine Jewish theater. While offering college students and amateur dramatic groups excit...(Read More)
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