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Transferring to America
Transferring to America (September 1995)
Jewish Interpretations of American Dreams
Rael Meyerowitz - Author

This book uses recent psychoanalytic theory to analyze the work of three contemporary scholars--Harold Bloom, Stanley Cavell, and Sacvan Bercovitch--while viewing their work as expressing Jewish immigrant desires for integration into American culture.
"This book will fill a major gap in the history of American criticism and ethnic studies. It also concerns three widely read critics whose work has uninterrupted interest for the general cr...(Read More)
Rethinking Jewish Faith
Rethinking Jewish Faith (July 1994)
The Child of a Survivor Responds
Steven L. Jacobs - Author

This book addresses the faith of a member of the "Second Generation"--the offspring of the original survivors of the Shoah . It is a re-examination of those categories of faith central to the Jewish Religious Experience in light of the Shoah: God, Covenant, Prayer, Halakhah and Mitzvot, Life-Cycle, Festival Cycle, Israel and Zionism, and Christianity from the perspective of a child of a survivor.

"Rabbi Jacobs' ...(Read More)
Summoning (August 1993)
Ideas of the Covenant and Interpretive Theory
Ellen Spolsky - Editor

This book explores the variety of ways that the Jewish understanding of the Covenant relates to the notion of a contract or a shared grammar as developed in recent structural and post-structural theory. The book enters the debate on the relationship beween a variety of open-ended forms of text interpretation and traditional Jewish interpretive practice, expanding and deepening that debate. Until now, the discussion has focused primarily on Midrash...(Read More)
Tradition and Innovation
Tradition and Innovation (August 1993)
Reflections on Latin American Jewish Writing
Robert DiAntonio - Editor
Nora Glickman - Editor

This book studies the rich repository of Latin American Jewish literature, exploring the issues of vanishing traditions along with the subject of assimilation and acculturation. It places in sharp relief the Jewish contribution to the Latin American literary boom. An important aspect of this study is an examination of the contributions of women authors to this field. It studies Jewish life in communities that are little known in either the Jewish or...(Read More)
The Ritual of New Creation
The Ritual of New Creation (September 1992)
Jewish Tradition and Contemporary Literature
Norman Finkelstein - Author

In The Ritual of New Creation, Norman Finkelstein has written the best book of its kind, a book that will revolutionize not only the way Jewish intellectual life is understood in America but the way in which that grab bag of heterogeneous novels, plays, and poems that we call 'Jewish literature' will henceforth be interpreted and valued. It is not too much to call The Ritual of New Creation revolutionary, nor too much to think of it a...(Read More)
Accidents of Influence
Accidents of Influence (September 1992)
Writing as a Woman and a Jew in America
Norma Rosen - Author

"Norma Rosen is a first-rate writer and thinker. The Holocaust, women's consciousness, ideas of the self, literary ciriticism, multiculturalism: Rosen's topics read like a list of crucial agenda items for the last decade of the twentieth century. Rosen is a crisp writer of great probity, in whose work moral tension is taut and palpable." -- Alan L. Berger, Syracuse University.

"What I like most is the sound of this particular human voice ...(Read More)
Between Exile and Return
Between Exile and Return (March 1991)
S. Y. Agnon and the Drama of Writing
Anne Golomb Hoffman - Author

This innovative study of the modern Hebrew writer, S. Y. Agnon, offers new insight into his literary transformations of Jewish themes and sources. With particular attention to Kafka, Hoffman situates Agnon in the context of twentieth-century literature and examines such central issues in Agnon's art as the relationship of the literary text to traditions of sacred writings, the place of the book in culture, and the relationship of writing to the bod...(Read More)
Bearing the Unbearable
Bearing the Unbearable (July 1990)
Yiddish and Polish Poetry in the Ghettos and Concentration Camps
Frieda W. Aaron - Author

This book is a pioneering study of Yiddish and Polish-Jewish concentration camp and ghetto poetry. It reveals the impact of the immediacy of experience as a formative influence on perception, response, and literary imagination, arguing that literature that is contemporaneous with unfolding events offers perceptions different from those presented after the fact.

Documented here is the emergence of poetry as the dominant literary...(Read More)
They Made Their Souls Anew
They Made Their Souls Anew (July 1990)
Ils Ont Refait Leur Ame
Andre Neher - Author
David Maisel - Translator

This is an original, philosophical discussion in which Andrea Neher relates the lives of prominent nineteenth- and twentieth-century Jews to traditional Jewish thought on issues of assimilation, the Holocaust, and liberal intellectualism.

"The book is an imaginative...brilliant discussion of the moral and religious plight of Jewish intellectuals in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The theme is that of Teshuvah or ret...(Read More)
Voices of Israel
Voices of Israel (July 1990)
Essays on and Interviews with Yehuda Amichai, A. B. Yehoshua, T. Carmi, Aharon Appelfeld, and Amos Oz
Joseph Cohen - Author

Cohen takes an in-depth critical look at three novelists and two poets who stand at the forefront of contemporary Israeli literature, and whose works have been widely read, studied, and admired in the Western world. The critiques examine all English translations of these Israeli writers' major works from the beginning of their careers up to the present. Cohen demonstrates the vitality and virtuosity of the so-called New Wave Israeli writers whose ...(Read More)
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