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Shattered Vessels
Shattered Vessels (February 2004)
Memory, Identity, and Creation in the Work of David Shahar
Michal Peled Ginsburg - Author
Moshe Ron - Author

The first book-length study of the Israeli novelist David Shahar.

David Shahar (1926–1997), author of the seven-novel sequence The Palace of Shattered Vessels, occupies an ambiguous position in the Israeli literary canon. Often compared to Proust, Shahar produced a body of work that offers a fascinating poetic and ideological alternative to the dominant models of Amos Oz and A. B. Yehoshua. This book, the ...(Read More)
Joining the Sisterhood
Joining the Sisterhood (October 2003)
Young Jewish Women Write Their Lives
Tobin Belzer - Editor
Julie Pelc - Editor

Essays and poems that offer insight into what it means to be a young Jewish woman today.

Young Jewish women engage in almost every aspect of religious and cultural Jewish life, yet their unique perspectives have remained largely invisible. Through poetry and personal essays, Joining the Sisterhood sheds light on the lives of these young women as they search for both personal and universal truths. By writing abo...(Read More)
Over the Rooftops of Time
Over the Rooftops of Time (November 2002)
Jewish Stories, Essays, Poems
Myra Sklarew - Author

Wide-ranging and poignant reflections on literature, art, science, and memory.

In this collection of essays, stories, and poems, award-winning poet and fiction writer Myra Sklarew traces a journey across the latter half of the twentieth century and into the twenty-first. Her point of view is Jewish, though her subjects include science, exile, the future, the Holocaust, the remaining Jewish community of Morocco, Yidd...(Read More)
Somber Lust
Somber Lust (February 2002)
The Art of Amos Oz
Yair Mazor - Author
Marganit Weinberger-Rotman - Translator

A comprehensive study of Israel’s most internationally celebrated writer.

In Somber Lust,Yair Mazor examines the work of the celebrated Israeli writer Amos Oz. In addition to providing a panoramic, comprehensive study of Oz’s work, including his novels, novellas, short stories, and numerous essays on literary, social, and political subjects, Mazor also meticulously documents the evolution of Oz’s aesthetic and ide...(Read More)
The Magic Worlds of Bernard Malamud
The Magic Worlds of Bernard Malamud (October 2001)
Evelyn Avery - Editor

Offers personal recollections of and critical perspectives on this major American author.

"He wrote about suffering Jews, about poor Jews, about grocers and fixers and birds and horses and angels in Harlem and matchmakers and salesmen and rabbis and landlords and tenants and egg chandlers and writers and chimpanzees; he wrote about the plentitude and unity of the world...May the memory of this great and humane Master be blessed and for...(Read More)
Ideology and Jewish Identity in Israeli and American Literature
Ideology and Jewish Identity in Israeli and American Literature (September 2001)
Emily Miller Budick - Editor

Israeli and American critics debate what constitutes Jewish identity in modern Jewish literature.

By creating a dialogue between Israeli and American Jewish authors, scholars, and intellectuals, this book examines how these two literatures, which traditionally do not address one another directly, nevertheless share some commonalities and affinities. The disinclination of Israeli and American Jewish fictional narratives to gravitate tow...(Read More)
Not One of Them in Place
Not One of Them in Place (May 2001)
Modern Poetry and Jewish American Identity
Norman Finkelstein - Author

Explores the ways in which Jewish American poetry engages persistent questions of modern Jewish identity.

Not One of Them in Place is the first book to examine the ways in which Jewish belief, thought, and culture have been shaped and articulated in modern American poetry. Based on the idea that recent American poetry has gravitated between two traditions—romantic and symbolist on the one hand, modernist a...(Read More)
Memory and Mastery
Memory and Mastery (April 2001)
Primo Levi as Writer and Witness
Roberta S. Kremer - Editor

Interdisciplinary explorations into the work of one of the premier writer-survivors of the Holocaust.

This book carefully examines the work of Primo Levi, one of the premier survivor-writers of the Holocaust and one of the outstanding Italian writers of the twentieth century. Artists, writers, and educators have all turned to Levi's writing as a source of inspiration and wisdom in coping with the tragedy of the Holocau...(Read More)
Living Root
Living Root (August 2000)
A Memoir
Michael Heller - Author

In this literary memoir, poet and essayist Michael Heller interweaves family and personal history with reflections on language, poetry, religion, and memory itself.

Living Root is the story of an education, a writer's wandering through personal and family history, through texts and traditions. Recalling his family's origins in Bialystok as well as his own childhood in Brooklyn and Miami Beach, poet an...(Read More)
Imagining Each Other
Imagining Each Other (August 2000)
Blacks and Jews in Contemporary American Literature
Ethan Goffman - Author

Explores the complex ways in which Blacks and Jews have portrayed each other in recent American literature.

Imagining Each Other explores Black-Jewish relations by examining the complex ways they have portrayed each other in recent American literature. It illuminates their dramatic alliances and conflicts and their dilemmas of identity and assimilation, and addresses the persistent questions of ethnic division and economic inequ...(Read More)
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