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Belonging Too Well
Belonging Too Well (March 2009)
Portraits of Identity in Cynthia Ozick's Fiction
Miriam Sivan - Author

Shows how Ozick’s characters attempt to mediate a complex Jewish identity, one that bridges the differences between traditional Judaism and secular American culture.

In Belonging Too Well, Miriam Sivan draws on contemporary literary theory as well as traditional Jewish texts and culture to explore the question of identity in Cynthia Ozick’s fiction. Many critics have pointed to a split in Ozick&rs...(Read More)
Where We Find Ourselves
Where We Find Ourselves (February 2009)
Jewish Women around the World Write about Home
Miriam Ben-Yoseph - Editor
Deborah Nodler Rosen - Editor

Explores the universal longing for home, illuminated through the essays, poetry, and fiction of forty Jewish women writers from around the world.

In this remarkable collection of essays, stories, and poems, Jewish women writers from around the world offer diverse perspectives on the idea of home. The longing for home is as ancient as the exile from Eden, and for the thirty-nine writers showcased in this antho...(Read More)
Poets on the Edge
Poets on the Edge (September 2008)
An Anthology of Contemporary Hebrew Poetry
Tsipi Keller - Editor/translator
Aminadav Dykman - Introduction

Selections from twenty-seven Hebrew poets, many of whose poems appear here in English for the first time.

Poets on the Edge introduces four decades of Israel’s most vigorous poetic voices. Selected and translated by author Tsipi Keller, the collection showcases a generous sampling of work from twenty-seven established and emerging poets, bringing many to readers of English for the first time. Thema...(Read More)
Shared Stages
Shared Stages (October 2007)
Ten American Dramas of Blacks and Jews
Sarah Blacher Cohen - Edited and with an introduction by
Joanne B. Koch - Edited and with an introduction by

Ten contemporary plays that dramatize the volatile relationships between Blacks and Jews in American society.

Shared Stages brings together ten of the best contemporary American plays that dramatize the explosive relationship of two tightly knit peoples—Blacks and Jews—in American society. Including works such as Driving Miss Daisy, I’m Not Rappaport, Fires in the Mirror, and Meda...(Read More)
A Spiritual Life
A Spiritual Life (August 2007)
Exploring the Heart and Jewish Tradition, Revised Edition
Merle Feld - Author

Includes new and updated material, as well as a readers’ guide with questions for writing and discussion groups.

The revised edition of this beloved classic features a readers’ and writers’ guide to facilitate book group conversations and informal adult education, and also offers prompts for personal journaling exploration. Merle Feld’s emotionally powerful prose and highly accessible poet...(Read More)
American Talmud
American Talmud (March 2007)
The Cultural Work of Jewish American Fiction
Ezra Cappell - Author

Looks at the role of Jewish American fiction in the larger context of American culture.

In American Talmud, Ezra Cappell redefines the genre of Jewish American fiction and places it squarely within the larger context of American literature. Cappell departs from the conventional approach of defining Jewish American authors solely in terms of their ethnic origins and sociological constructs, and instead context...(Read More)
Landmark Yiddish Plays
Landmark Yiddish Plays (July 2006)
A Critical Anthology
Joel Berkowitz - Editor, translator and introduction by
Jeremy Dauber - Editor, translator and introduction by

Introduces readers to comic and tragic masterpieces spanning 150 years of Yiddish drama.

Offering snapshots of a pivotal era in which the Jews of Europe made the transition from a traditional to a more modern world, the Yiddish plays translated and collected here wrestle with issues that continue to concern us today: changing gender roles, generational conflict, class divisions, and religious persecution. In their ...(Read More)
Mocking the Age
Mocking the Age (March 2006)
The Later Novels of Philip Roth
Elaine B. Safer - Author

Explores the comic devices Roth uses to satirize his times, the Jewish community, and himself.

The first comprehensive assessment of Philip Roth’s later novels, Mocking the Age offers rich and insightful readings that explore how these extraordinary works satirize our contemporary culture. From The Ghost Writer to The Plot Against America, Roth uses humor to address deadly serious matters, incl...(Read More)

Jewish American and Holocaust Literature
Jewish American and Holocaust Literature (September 2004)
Representation in the Postmodern World
Alan L. Berger - Editor
Gloria L. Cronin - Editor

Deepens and enriches our understanding of the Jewish literary tradition and the implications of the Shoah.

Challenging the notion that Jewish American and Holocaust literature have exhausted their limits, this volume reexamines these closely linked traditions in light of recent postmodern theory. Composed against the tumultuous background of great cultural transition and unprecedented state-sponsored systematic murder, ...(Read More)
Funny, It Doesn't Sound Jewish
Funny, It Doesn't Sound Jewish (July 2004)
How Yiddish Songs and Synagogue Melodies Influenced Tin Pan Alley, Broadway, and Hollywood
Jack Gottlieb - Author

Documents the influence of Jewish music on American popular song.

“Gottlieb is a superbly equipped tune detector … No serious student of the music of Tin Pan Alley, Broadway, and Hollywood can afford to bypass this landmark study.” — American Music

“Gottlieb’s writing style is amiable, anecdotal, and breezy, and his enthusiasm for his topic is contagio...(Read More)
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