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Before Revelation
Before Revelation (February 1995)
The Boundaries of Muslim Moral Thought
A. Kevin Reinhart - Author

Studies the development of Muslim jurisprudential and theological thought by analyzing the dispute that raged from the ninth to the nineteenth century over the assessment of acts that took place before the Qur'anic Revelation.
"This is a lively and interesting book as well as a valuable addition to contemporary studies in Islamic theology and jurisprudence." -- Jane Dammen McAuliffe, Chair, Department for the Study of Religion, Universit...(Read More)
Muslim Communities in North America
Muslim Communities in North America (August 1994)
Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad - Editor
Jane Idleman Smith - Editor

This book provides the first in-depth look at Muslim life and institutions forming in North America. It considers the range of Islamic life in North America with its different racial-ethnic and cultural identities, customs, and religious orientations. Issues of acculturation, ethnicity, orthodoxy, and the changing roles of women are brought into focus.The authors provide insight into the lives of recent immigrants who are asking what is Islamically ...(Read More)
Revealing Reveiling
Revealing Reveiling (July 1992)
Islamist Gender Ideology in Contemporary Egypt
Sherifa Zuhur - Author

Explores the history of Muslim women and debates over gender, which have developed since the golden age of Islam.

“It provides an important look at the very contemporary phenomenon of veiling in Egypt through the first-hand reports of the women whom Zuhur has interviewed. Her subjects come across as real people and their discussion in relation to the various questions asked provide quite compelling views of the reason wh...(Read More)
Syria (September 1991)
Society, Culture, and Polity
Richard T. Antoun - Editor
Donald Quataert - Editor

This book provides a multi-disciplinary understanding of the processes of change in contemporary Syria as well as its historical, social, and cultural underpinnings. A number of distinguished anthropologists, historians, political scientists, and literateurs examine key issues such as the changing Syrian family, political factionalism, the sedentarization of nomads, bureaucratic corruption, rural-urban migration, the development of the Ba'th Party,...(Read More)
Trends and Issues in Contemporary Arab Thought
Trends and Issues in Contemporary Arab Thought (February 1990)
Issa J. Boullata - Author

This book focuses on contemporary Arab thought during the past twenty years, especially since the 1967 Arab defeat in the Six Day War. Well-known Arab writers are studied, and their unprecedented and anguished exercise of self-examination and self-criticism is explored. A number of Arab thinkers are presented for the first time in English. Here is an account of some of the most recent intellectual trends in the Arab world. As the writers grapple...(Read More)
The Ottoman Empire and the World Economy
The Ottoman Empire and the World Economy (December 1988)
The Nineteenth Century
Resat Kasaba - Author

The Ottoman Empire is approahced through analysis of its political economy based on world systems theory. Relations with Europe constituted one of the key factors that shaped the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire. Yet a comprehensive account of the nature, development, and consequences of these realtions has, until now, never been developed. This book moves beyond the narrow framework of Euro-Ottoman relations, and places Europe at the center of ...(Read More)
Culture and Context in Sudan
Culture and Context in Sudan (July 1988)
The Process of Market Incorporation in Dar Masalit
Dennis Tully - Author

This book illustrates that external factors, especially international political processes interacting with large-scale ecological and demographic changes, are the primary cause of problems experienced by the Masalit and other people in the Third World. The Masalit are Muslim farmers formerly independent as part of the sultanate of Dar Fur. Tully examines the local processes by which the Masalit became economically, politically, and culturally incorp...(Read More)
Islam and the Search for Social Order in Modern Egypt
Islam and the Search for Social Order in Modern Egypt (June 1984)
A Biography of Muhammad Husayn Haykal
Charles D. Smith - Author

"This is an outstanding piece of literary research and criticism. It is based on voluminous reading of difficult source material in Arabic, and on a rich and wise understanding of the cultural history of modern Egypt and of modern religious and civilizational issues. It is written in an erudite yet simple and relaxed style. And it tells us in great detail about the intellectual evolution of an outstanding cultural figure of the Arab and Muslim world...(Read More)
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