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Reinventing Leadership
Reinventing Leadership (February 1999)
Making the Connection Between Politics and Business
Barbara Kellerman - Author

In a striking departure from past practices, this book critically assesses political and business leadership simultaneously.

In a striking departure from past practices, Barbara Kellerman explores the fact that although we persist in viewing political and business leadership separately, the similarities between them far outweigh the differences. Kellerman claims that thinking of government and corporate leaders as a bre...(Read More)
Presidents and Foreign Policy
Presidents and Foreign Policy (April 1997)
Countdown to Ten Controversial Decisions
Edward R. Drachman - Author
Alan Shank - Author
Richard M. Pious - Foreword by

Examines ten important and controversial U.S. presidential foreign policy decisions in the post-World War II period, including one major controversy for each president from Truman to Clinton.

Presidents and Foreign Policy examines countdowns to ten important and controversial decisions in the post-World War II period, using the case study approach. The authors include one major controversy for each president from...(Read More)
Innovative Leaders in International Politics
Innovative Leaders in International Politics (September 1993)
Gabriel Sheffer - Editor

"It's a joy to read and will fascinate any student of political leadership. The book is so well written and substantively so interesting that I think it would appeal to incumbent and aspiring political leaders as well as scholars and students in various disciplines. There are three things I like the most: it focuses on the heart of political leadership studies--the capacity for innovation; it contains informative, well-written (sometimes even ele...(Read More)
Governing By Committee
Governing By Committee (May 1989)
Collegial Leadership in Advanced Societies
Thomas A. Baylis - Author

Governing by Committee is the first book-length study to examine decision-making among political executives. It examines sixteen advanced Western and Communist states and shows that collegial and semi-collegial patterns are far more common than is generally assumed.

Contrary to the assertions of Max Weber, Baylis contends that modern bureaucracy, with its growing role in policy-making and its intimate association with neocorporatist f...(Read More)
City Executives
City Executives (January 1989)
Leadership Roles, Work Characteristics, and Time Management
David N. Ammons - Author
Charldean Newell - Author

This study explores the work life of mayors, city managers, and other top executives in city government. Based on a survey of 527 city executives and enlivened with numerous anecdotes, the book documents time allocation patterns and work routines.

City Executives makes comparisons with previous studies to show how city executives compare with managers in other types of organizations. The authors also note how city managers' role has chan...(Read More)
The Presidential Veto
The Presidential Veto (September 1988)
Robert J. Spitzer - Author

"This is a clearly presented, well documented, balanced analysis. The author offers a great deal of information about the growth and use of the presidential veto. It is also a very useful book because it brings together much material on a widely studied topic." -- Morris S. Ogul

"This book is extremely well written. What I like most is the way the author explains the historical development of the veto power and makes it relevant to the pre...(Read More)
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