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Ishmael on the Border
Ishmael on the Border (July 2006)
Rabbinic Portrayals of the First Arab
Carol Bakhos - Author

Explores rabbinic views of Ishmael, the biblical figure seen as the first Arab.

Ishmael on the Border is an in-depth study of the rabbinic treatment of Abraham’s firstborn son, Ishmael. This book examines Ishmael’s conflicted portrayal over a thousand-year period and traces the shifts and nuances in his representation within the Jewish tradition before and after the emergence of Islam.

Examining romanticism in the thought of Jewish philosopher, Franz Rosenzweig, this book compares his magnum opus, The Star of Redemption, with Leo Baeck's essay, "Romantic Religion," and Friedrich Schelling's Philosophy of Art, texts representing two distinct and, to a large extent, opposed interpretations of romanti...(Read More)
Hope for Our Time
Hope for Our Time (April 1999)
Key Trends in the Thought of Martin Buber
Avraham Shapira - Author
Jeffrey M. Green - Translator

In this book, Avraham Shapira traces the history of Buber's ideas and locates underlying structures which unite Buber's thought. Ultimately, Hope for Our Time shows the connection between Buber's philosophy and his spiritual biography.

"Martin Buber remains one of the truly important religious teachers of the twentieth century. His 'philosophy of dialogue' and his commitment to personal encounter with the Other have had great impact o...(Read More)
An Introduction to the Kabbalah
An Introduction to the Kabbalah (January 1999)
Moshe Hallamish - Author
Ruth Bar-Ilan - Translator
Ora Wiskind-Elper - Translator

Provides an introduction to the world of the Kabbalah, focusing on both the Kabbalist as a person and the major teachings of the Kabbalah.

"An Introduction to the Kabbalah
is a lucid, scintillating guide to the esoteric teachings of Judaism. The book is very readable without sacrificing scholarly sophistication." -- Daniel Matt, Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley; Author of The Essential Kabbalah ...(Read More)
Uniter of Heaven and Earth
Uniter of Heaven and Earth (October 1998)
Rabbi Meshullam Feibush Heller of Zbarazh and the Rise of Hasidism in Eastern Galicia
Miles Krassen - Author

A clear and penetrating account of the basis of Hasidic mysticism. Includes translations of many texts never before available in English.

Uniter of Heaven and Earth
explores an important stage in the development of Hasidism, the eighteenth-century Jewish mystical movement. The author presents a clear and penetrating account of the basis of Hasidic mysticism, clarifying its basic beliefs and contemplative practices. The...(Read More)
Problems and Parables of Law
Problems and Parables of Law (July 1998)
Maimonides and Nahmanides on Reasons for the Commandments (Ta'amei Ha-Mitzvot)
Josef Stern - Author

A rigorous analysis of Maimonides' and Nahmanides' explanations of the Mosaic commandments that challenges received notions of the relation between these two seminal thinkers.

A central topic in medieval Jewish philosophy and thought was the explanation of the Mosaic commandments. From Philo and Saadiah on, thinkers sought to uncover "reasons for the commandments" (ta'amei ha-mitzvot) both to demonstra...(Read More)
Tradition and Fantasy in the Tales of Reb Nahman of Bratslav
Tradition and Fantasy in the Tales of Reb Nahman of Bratslav (July 1998)
Ora Wiskind-Elper - Author

Considers the tales of Reb Nahman of Bratslav within a broad cultural milieu, including the romanticism of Reb Nahman's time, contemporary feminist hermeneutics, and the fantastic in various contexts.

One of the most radically innovative of Hasidic masters, Reb Nahman of Bratslav transformed images and concepts basic to Jewish thought into new and compelling forms. Tradition and Fantasy in the Tales of Reb Nahman ...(Read More)
The Seductiveness of Jewish Myth
The Seductiveness of Jewish Myth (July 1997)
Challenge or Response?
S. Daniel Breslauer - Editor

A collection of essays focusing on myth in Judaism from biblical to modern times, this book offers a sense of the great diversity of the Jewish religion.

"This collection of learned and innovative essays focuses on a central problem in the interpretation of Judaism: What is the place of myth in Judaism? By focusing on the problem of myth, the collection invokes the reader to ponder the evolution of Jewish self-unde...(Read More)
Holiness in Words
Holiness in Words (March 1996)
Abraham Joshua Heschel's Poetics of Piety
Edward K. Kaplan - Author

A strategy for reading Heschel's major works, as well as a new route to understanding religious writing in general: a lucid study of modern religious and ethical thought using literary criticism.

"A brilliant, and at the same time, moving, and deeply personal interpretation of the works of one of the greatest religious thinkers of this century. By skillfully analyzing Heschel's rhetoric and mastery of language--his 'po...(Read More)
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