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Excellence in Communicating Organizational Strategy
Excellence in Communicating Organizational Strategy (July 2001)
Donald P. Cushman - Editor
Sarah Sanderson King - Editor

Essays on how organizations effectively communicate strategy to optimize performance.

Effectively communicating an organization's strategy is at the heart of achieving high performance. Organizational strategy manifests itself in different ways, employing differing tactics at the competitive, crisis, marketing, research and development, manufacturing, training, management, and leadership levels. This book explores each of these proces...(Read More)
Lessons From the Recession
Lessons From the Recession (April 1997)
A Management and Communication Perspective
Sarah Sanderson King - Editor
Donald P. Cushman - Editor

Explores the differential effects of recession on public and private sector organizations in America, Europe, and Asia.

"This is a unique text that not only discusses problems of recession, but also analyzes its impacts on industrial/organizational stability. It provides very useful answers on how to prevent recession from happening, and also on how to deal with it successfully if and whenever it occurs. Of particular ...(Read More)
Changing Roles of State Intervention in Services in an Era of Open International Markets
Changing Roles of State Intervention in Services in an Era of Open International Markets (March 1997)
Yair Aharoni - Editor

Addresses the issues involved in the globalization of services and the resulting changing role of government.
Growth in the services sector has far outpaced the knowledge available to global managers and government officials. Forced to constantly redefine their roles in the face of massive technological changes and a myriad of regional and worldwide trade agreements, these leaders require up-to-date research and analysis in order to make ...(Read More)
Understanding China
Understanding China (September 1996)
Center Stage of the Fourth Power
Yanan Ju - Author

An analysis of Chinese economic and political behaviors from a cultural perspective. Discusses the importance of understanding how the Chinese do business among themselves and with others.

"Fascinating! The author has a unique perspective and is able to bring special insights to bear on an enormously complex topic. His conclusions and recommendations may be controversial; not everyone will agree. But everyone seriously ...(Read More)
Winning (September 1995)
Continuous Improvement Theory in High Performance Organizations
Krysztof Obloj - Author
Donald P. Cushman - Author
Andrzej Kozminski - Author

This book shows how organizational frame-breaking changes can be used in order for an organization to learn from its own experience and continually improve.
"This book introduces an exciting new concept of management theory that combines several individualized concepts which have been presented in recent years as the basis of management theories by themselves. The value of the blending of these theories is amply demonstrated by a great va...(Read More)
Communicating Organizational Change
Communicating Organizational Change (July 1995)
A Management Perspective
Donald P. Cushman - Editor
Sarah Sanderson King - Editor

This book is a practical and theoretical discussion of how to effectively communicate organizational change to management, employees, stockholders, and customers.

Rapid and volatile organizational change is one of the most profound characteristics of our time. How to communicate the need for and the direction of change to stockholders, employees, customers, and management is the subject of this book.