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Living Attention
Living Attention (April 2007)
On Teresa Brennan
Alice A. Jardine - Editor
Shannon Lundeen - Editor
Kelly Oliver - Editor

Interdisciplinary exploration of the scope and impact of Teresa Brennan’s lifework.

As an internationally respected feminist philosopher, radical social and political theorist, and tireless activist, Teresa Brennan (1952–2003) was one of the most provocative thinkers of our time. Living Attention is a tribute to the significance of her thought and a testament to the transformative power of her lif...(Read More)
Gender after Lyotard
Gender after Lyotard (January 2007)
Margret Grebowicz - Editor

Examines Lyotard’s writings in light of contemporary feminist theory.

The revolutionary French thinker Jean-François Lyotard indicates in many of his writings that one of the most significant philosophical problems is the problem of gender. In spite of this, feminist thinkers in both the continental and Anglo-American traditions have largely ignored his work, perhaps because his approach to the que...(Read More)
Returning to Irigaray
Returning to Irigaray (November 2006)
Feminist Philosophy, Politics, and the Question of Unity
Maria C. Cimitile - Editor
Elaine P. Miller - Editor

Leading scholars examine the relation between Irigaray’s early writings and her later, more political work.

Luce Irigaray is one of the most influential philosophers and theorists in the field of feminist thought, and her work is considered both revolutionary and controversial. This volume offers the first critical assessment of the relation of her early critical and poetic writings to her later political and p...(Read More)

The Gift of the Other
The Gift of the Other (August 2006)
Levinas and the Politics of Reproduction
Lisa Guenther - Author

2007 Symposium Book Award presented by Symposium: Canadian Journal of Continental Philosophy

A philosophical exploration of birth, maternity, and reproduction.

The Gift of the Other brings together a philosophical analysis of time, embodiment, and ethical responsibility with a feminist critique of the way women’s reproductive capacity has been theorized and represented in Wes...(Read More)
Copula (June 2006)
Sexual Technologies, Reproductive Powers
Robyn Ferrell - Author

Explores the conceptual schema underlying our understanding of reproductive technologies.

How will the ability to manipulate human reproduction change our social world and the relationship between the sexes? Taking an explicitly interdisciplinary approach to gender and reproductive technology, Robyn Ferrell examines this question in the light of feminist theories of sexual equality and sexual difference, arguing tha...(Read More)
Revolt, Affect, Collectivity
Revolt, Affect, Collectivity (September 2005)
The Unstable Boundaries of Kristeva's Polis
Tina Chanter - Editor
Ewa Plonowska Ziarek - Editor

Explores how the concept of revolution permeates and unifies Kristeva’s body of work.

These original essays explore how the concept of revolution permeates and unifies Julia Kristeva’s body of work by tracing its trajectory from her early engagement with the Tel Quel group, through her preoccupation in the 1980s with abjection, melancholia, and love, to her latest work. Some of the leading voices ...(Read More)
Women and Children First
Women and Children First (August 2005)
Feminism, Rhetoric, and Public Policy
Sharon M. Meagher - Editor
Patrice DiQuinzio - Editor

A critique of public policy rhetoric from multiple feminist perspectives.

This diverse collection explores the rhetoric of a wide range of public policies that propose “to put women and children first,” including homeland security, school violence, gun control, medical intervention of intersex infants, and policies that aim to distinguish “good” from “bad” m...(Read More)
Julia Kristeva
Julia Kristeva (September 2004)
Psychoanalysis and Modernity
Sara Beardsworth - Author

HONORABLE MENTION – 2006 Goethe Award for Psychoanalytic Scholarship for the best book published in 2004, presented by the Section on Psychoanalysis of the Canadian Psychological Association.

A comprehensive examination of Kristeva's work from the seventies to the nineties.

This is the first systematic overview of Julia Kristeva's vision and work in relation to philosophical modernity. It pro...(Read More)
Corporeal Generosity
Corporeal Generosity (April 2002)
On Giving with Nietzsche, Merleau-Ponty, and Levinas
Rosalyn Diprose - Author

Challenges the accepted model, and builds a politically sensitive notion of generosity.

Rosalyn Diprose contends that generosity is not just a human virtue, but it is an openness to others that is critical to our existence, sociality, and social formation. Her theory challenges the accepted model of generosity as a common character trait that guides a person to give something they possess away to others within an exch...(Read More)
Engendering Rationalities
Engendering Rationalities (October 2001)
Nancy Tuana - Editor
Sandra Morgen - Editor

Cutting edge feminist investigations of rationality.

Engendering Rationalities
brings together theorists whose work has been foundational to the development of feminist investigations of reason, objectivity, and knowledge with the work of scholars who build up and extend their insights. Contributors not only question standard conceptions of truth, objectivity, and our realist conceptions of the relationships between ...(Read More)
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