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Dream Reader
Dream Reader (July 1995)
Contemporary Approaches to the Understanding of Dreams
Anthony Shafton - Author

A comprehensive survey of contemporary approaches to understanding dreams. If you can have only one book on dreams, this is the one to have.
"Dream Reader by Anthony Shafton is a book so unique in its combination of scholarship, clarity, and down-to-earth feeling about dreams that I find it hard to fully express the excitement and satisfaction I felt on reading it. This is the first definitive and comprehensive sourcebook to cover ...(Read More)
The Wilderness of Dreams
The Wilderness of Dreams (February 1994)
Exploring the Religious Meanings of Dreams in Modern Western Culture
Kelly Bulkeley - Author

This interdisciplinary study of the religious dimensions of dreams shows how modern dream research supports and enriches our understanding of religiously meaningful dreams.

The Wilderness of Dreams does four things that no other work on dreams has done. First, it surveys the whole range of modern dream research—not just the work of depth psychologists and neuroscientists, but also the findings of anthropologists,...(Read More)
New Directions in Dream Interpretation
New Directions in Dream Interpretation (September 1993)
Gayle Delaney - Editor

This book presents in detail seven contemporary approaches to dream interpretation as they are actually practiced by highly skilled and experienced psychiatrists and psychologists who have worked with dreams for at least a decade. The reader can sample radically different approaches from various schools of interpetation and gain the tools for making meaningful comparisons. The contributors describe their theoretical roots and how they have departe...(Read More)
The Dream and the Text
The Dream and the Text (July 1993)
Essays on Literature and Language
Carol Schreier Rupprecht - Editor

"The book offers wonderful and important commentary about the interface between dreams and texts of various sorts, about how they can inform each other, and about mutual shaping of dreams and culture." -- Johanna M. King, California State University, Chico

This book partakes of a long tradition of dream interpretation, but, at the same time, is unique in its cross-cultural and interdisciplinary methods and in its mix of theoretical and analyt...(Read More)
The Functions of Dreaming
The Functions of Dreaming (March 1993)
Alan Moffitt - Editor
Milton Kramer - Editor
Robert Hoffmann - Editor

"Understanding dreaming is essential to a comprehensive account of the nature of the mind. After all, we spend a third of our lives sleeping; as the chapters of this book amply demonstrate, important mental activity goes on during sleep, and psychology cannot be complete as long as it ignores the mind asleep and dreaming. The editors have done a commendable job of bringing together a wide variety of views of the 'elephant of the dark.' I found re...(Read More)
Dreams and Professional Personhood
Dreams and Professional Personhood (July 1991)
The Contexts of Dream Telling and Dream Interpretation among American Psychotherapists
Mary-T. B. Dombeck - Author

"There are no books like this; there are no research models for this type of work. The author is at the same time inventing a model of research and applying it. The questions she asks and her perspective on them are important and needed. This is a significant contribution to the public's understanding of the importance of dreaming."-- Jeremy Taylor, Association for the Study of Dreams; author of Dream Work

"The discussion o...(Read More)
To Catch A Dream
To Catch A Dream (January 1991)
Explorations of Dreaming
David Koulack - Author

"This is a very readable book on dreams which is solidly based from beginning to end on the best theoretical and laboratory evidence on dreams available today. As Koulack says, dreams are recollections of past events which are encapsulated in the sleeping state. As such, they are very difficult to study scientifically; Koulack has developed a solid reputation as a dream researcher and theoretician during the course of his work which now spans more...(Read More)
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