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Adaptive Technology for Special Human Needs
Adaptive Technology for Special Human Needs (May 1995)
Arlene Brett - Author
Eugene F. Provenzo Jr. - Author

This book provides an overview of the use of computers to assist individuals who have disabilities. The book provides the reader with a comprehensive introduction to the possibilities and limitations inherent in the emerging field of Adaptive Technology.

Besides providing a general overview of how computers can augment the functions of individuals both physically and mentally, the book goes on to describe in detail currently available hardwar...(Read More)
Computers and Cultural Diversity
Computers and Cultural Diversity (February 1991)
Restructuring for School Success
Robert A. DeVillar - Author
Christian J. Faltis - Author

This is an extremely important book for educators concerned with substantively addressing the issues facing public schooling as we move into the 1990's: first, because it examines critically the increasingly important role of technology in the instructional process, and second, because it confronts head-on the most significant challenge of education in our nation today -- how to make schools work for minority students and communities in the face of...(Read More)
Computers, Cognition, and Writing Instruction
Computers, Cognition, and Writing Instruction (August 1990)
Marjorie Montague - Author

"Educators will be faced soon, if they are not now, with questions on how to integrate the computer into the curriculum, and one of the first questions will be how to utilize the computer in teaching writing. This book represents a pioneering effort in this direction." -- D. LaMont Johnson, Texas Tech University

Marjorie Montague provides both the philosophical and theoretical background for research in computer-assisted composition, as well...(Read More)
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