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Language as Articulate Contact
Language as Articulate Contact (February 1995)
Toward a Post-Semiotic Philosophy of Communication
John Stewart - Author

This book critiques semiotic accounts of the nature of language and sets forth a dialogic alternative.

This book analyzes the prominent view that language is basically a system of signs and symbols; outlines an alternative that builds on aspects of the philosophies of Heidegger, Gadamer, Buber, and Bakhtin; and employs this alternative to criticize accounts of language developed by V.N. Volosinov, Kenneth Burke, and Calvi...(Read More)
Accounts, Excuses, and Apologies
Accounts, Excuses, and Apologies (December 1994)
A Theory of Image Restoration Strategies
William L. Benoit - Author

"This book deals with a form of public discourse that also occurs in everyday interaction: image restoration. When one encounters certain messages (criticism, complaints, accusations, blame, censure, condemnation, rebukes, reproaches, objections) or is suspected of wrongdoing, failed obligations, mistakes, or embarrassments, one needs to know how to respond, both mentally and behaviorally. The author is very thorough in his list of situations t...(Read More)
Doing Business with the Japanese
Doing Business with the Japanese (September 1994)
A Guide to Successful Communication, Management, and Diplomacy
Alan Goldman - Author

This book uniquely prepares westerners for professional contacts with Japanese associates, markets, and audiences. Through stimulating analyses of Japanese society, corporate culture, and communication protocol, the reader is provided with a rich and textured blueprint of Japanese business behavior. Western professionals, managers, and diplomats are walked through a broad array of strategic communication venues and contact situations with the Japa...(Read More)
Plausible Argument in Everyday Conversation
Plausible Argument in Everyday Conversation (November 1992)
Douglas Walton - Author

This book provides a practical and accessible way of evaluating good and bad arguments used in everyday conversations by applying normative models of dialectical (interactive) argumentation, where two parties reason together in an orderly and cooperative way. Using case studies, the author analyzes correct and incorrect uses of argumentation on controversial issues that engage the reader's interest while illustrating points in a practical way. Wal...(Read More)
Effective Communication for Academic Chairs
Effective Communication for Academic Chairs (March 1992)
Mark Hickson III - Editor
Don W. Stacks - Editor

"This book should be in the library of every department head or aspiring department head. It treats the most vexing problems of a departmental administrator completely and competently." -- Don Richardson, Auburn University

This handbook examines the communication aspects of the management position in academia. Most academic department chairs are not trained in management skills, including communication strategies. While previous works have...(Read More)
Democracy in an Age of Corporate Colonization
Democracy in an Age of Corporate Colonization (March 1992)
Developments in Communication and the Politics of Everyday Life
Stanley A. Deetz - Author

"This book is sophisticated, powerful, lucid, and pointed in style and organization. In a field where general theoretic development is relatively rare, this book will certainly become a foundation for later research and theoretic argument." -- Robert D. McPhee, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

According to Deetz, our obsolete understanding of communication processes and power relations prevents us from seeing the corporate domination of pub...(Read More)
A New Beginning
A New Beginning (July 1991)
A Textual Frame Analysis of the Political Campaign Film
Joanne Morreale - Author

This book is a postmodern analysis of Ronald Reagan's 1984 film, A New Beginning, which marked the coming-of-age of the televisual political campaign film. The film was a landmark in the art of political filmmaking. Its thesis proclaimed a resurgence of American pride, patriotism, and prosperity under the leadership of Ronald Reagan. A New Beginning was unprecedented for a number of reasons: it replaced the traditional nomi...(Read More)
Rhetoric and Civility
Rhetoric and Civility (January 1991)
Human Development, Narcissism, and the Good Audience
Harold Barrett - Author

This book relates the concept of civility to rhetorical disposition, and incivility to indisposition. The author discusses classical rhetorical theory and interprets it for use in all interactions, exploring origins in infancy of the rhetorical disposition and the rhetorical indisposition. He provides four case-study chapters of the lives of individuals illustrating unhealthy narcissism and rhetorical failure -- Jim Jones, Joseph McCarthy, Paul Mo...(Read More)
Video Icons & Values
Video Icons & Values (January 1991)
Alan M. Olson - Editor
Christopher Parr - Editor
Debra Parr - Editor

This book focuses on the most powerful agency of value formation in our time -- the video image as purveyed through television and mass media. Special attention is given to the impact of television on education and the challenges of instructing a generation of children who have never know a time BT, that is, "before television."

Both the negative and the positive implications and consequences of video technology are discussed in the b...(Read More)
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