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Postfeminist News
Postfeminist News (August 2002)
Political Women in Media Culture
Mary Douglas Vavrus - Author

2003 Diamond Anniversary Book Award from the National Communication Association

Examines the representation of women in the media.

In the media-saturated decade of the 1990s, news reports shaped public sentiment about women in electoral politics and beyond. Mary Douglas Vavrus explores the process of representing political women in media, and argues that contemporary news accounts promote a p...(Read More)
Moments of Meeting
Moments of Meeting (March 2002)
Buber, Rogers, and the Potential for Public Dialogue
Kenneth N. Cissna - Author
Rob Anderson - Author

Tells the story of the relationship between two of the last century's foremost scholars of dialogue, philosopher Martin Buber and psychotherapist Carl Rogers.

Moments of Meeting
tells the story of a uniquely important event in twentieth-century intellectual history, the 1957 public dialogue of philosopher Martin Buber and psychotherapist Carl Rogers, and explores the practical implications of that event for cont...(Read More)
Counterpublics and the State
Counterpublics and the State (September 2001)
Robert Asen - Editor
Daniel C. Brouwer - Editor

Explores antagonistic encounters between people, both individuals and groups, and governments.

In the form of demonstrations, social movements, guerrilla warfare, and internet "hacktivism," political dissidents or "counterpublics" challenge the state and assert themselves upon the public stage. At stake in such engagements are profound issues of political and economic redistribution, individual and collective rights, political legitima...(Read More)
If Life Is a Game, How Come I'm Not Having Fun?
If Life Is a Game, How Come I'm Not Having Fun? (April 2001)
A Guide to Life's Challenges
Paul Brenner - Author

Advocates applying a spirit of play to everyday life.

In this lively and enlightening book, Paul Brenner suggests that treating life's events and everyday activities as a game would lead to a more socially functional and effective society. Through compelling suggestions and dynamic anecdotes, he conceptualizes all our economic, political, social, and spiritual pursuits in terms of role-play, and demonstrates the ...(Read More)
Dialogic Civility in a Cynical Age
Dialogic Civility in a Cynical Age (September 1999)
Community, Hope, and Interpersonal Relationships
Ronald C. Arnett - Author
Pat Arneson - Author
Julia T. Wood - Foreword by

Offers insight and practical guidance for people interested in improving their interpersonal relationships in an age of rampant cynicism.

Dialogic Civility in a Cynical Age offers a philosophical and pragmatic response to unreflective cynicism. Considering that each of us has faced inappropriate cynical communication in families, educational institutions, and the workplace, this book offers insight and practical guidance for peo...(Read More)
Che Bella Figura!
Che Bella Figura! (April 1999)
The Power of Performance in an Italian Ladies' Club in Chicago
Gloria Nardini - Author

A colorful ethnography of an Italian ladies' club, this book explores the historical and linguistic importance of the women's language and behavior.

Literally translated, fare bella figura means "to make a beautiful figure," and figuratively it refers to the act of putting on a good show, performance, or display. The author uncovers the "real rules" of an Italian "ladies'" club by analyzing their language and behavior. In so do...(Read More)
Kenneth Burke and the 21st Century
Kenneth Burke and the 21st Century (November 1998)
Bernard L. Brock - Editor

Kenneth Burke was an influential thinker, literary critic, and rhetorician in the transition between the 20th and 21st centuries. This volume, edited by an influential Burkean scholar, addresses the question: Who was Burke and how can his work be helpful to those who must face new problems and challenges?

"For the first time we have an account of the development of Burke's thought over seven decades. Kenneth Burke an...(Read More)
The Last Conceptual Revolution
The Last Conceptual Revolution (October 1998)
A Critique of Richard Rorty's Political Philosophy
Eric M. Gander - Author

A critique of Rorty's own provocative political philosophy, as well as an in-depth look at both the issues concerning the relationship between the public and the private, and arguments on the role of reason in liberal political discourse generally.

In 1989, with the publication of Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity, and in articles throughout the 1990s, Richard Rorty developed a detailed social and political phil...(Read More)
Organizing Silence
Organizing Silence (October 1998)
A World of Possibilities
Robin Patric Clair - Author

Winner of the 2000 Outstanding Book Award, National Communication Association, Organizational Communication Division

A thought-provoking look at how silence is embedded in our language, society, and institutions. Sexual harassment is explored as an example.

Organizing Silence is a thought-provoking look at how silence is embedded in our language, society, and institutions. It provides ...(Read More)
The Martin Buber - Carl Rogers Dialogue
The Martin Buber - Carl Rogers Dialogue (August 1997)
A New Transcript With Commentary
Rob Anderson - Author
Kenneth N. Cissna - Author

A corrected and extensively annotated version of the sole meeting between two of the most important figures in twentieth-century intellectual life.

"This is a sensitive, penetrating, and illuminating interpretation of a very significant dialogue. Throughout the commentary the authors provide reasonable interpretations grounded on previous transcript errors or on external historical evidence they have uncovered. These ne...(Read More)
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