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Family Violence
Family Violence (January 2009)
Communication Processes
Dudley D. Cahn - Editor

Contributors engage the communication issues associated with violence in families, including interspousal violence and violent parents and children.

Although the United States has a high level of affluence and education compared to much of the rest of the world, neither wealth nor schooling ensures personal safety, particularly within the family and home. Every ten seconds, a child is beaten, neglected, or molested...(Read More)
Apprehending Politics
Apprehending Politics (January 2006)
News Media and Individual Political Development
Marco Calavita - Author

Using penetrating, in-depth interviews, examines the individual political development of young adults in post-1960s America, and the roles that news media play in that development.

This groundbreaking book examines the significance of the news media for the political beliefs and behavior of contemporary Americans. Relying on original, in-depth interviews with members of the group known as Generation X, Marco Calavita...(Read More)
From Ballroom to DanceSport
From Ballroom to DanceSport (January 2006)
Aesthetics, Athletics, and Body Culture
Caroline Joan S. Picart - Author

An insider explores the transformation of ballroom dance into an Olympic sport.

Drawing on recent media portrayals and her own experience, author and dancer Caroline Joan S. Picart explores ballroom dancing and its more “sporty” equivalent, DanceSport, suggesting that they are reflective of larger social, political, and cultural tensions. The past several years have seen a resurgence in the popularity of ball...(Read More)
The Dao of Rhetoric
The Dao of Rhetoric (January 2005)
Steven C. Combs - Author

Examines the ways Daoist (Taoist) thought may contribute to an understanding of human communication.

In the first book to systematically deal with Daoism (Taoism) from a rhetorical perspective, author Steven C. Combs advances the idea that the works of Daoist (Taoist) sages Laozi (Lao Tzu), Zhuangzi (Chuang Tzu), and Sunzi (Sun Tzu) can be fused into a coherent rhetorical genre, which can then form a methodology for r...(Read More)
Being Made Strange
Being Made Strange (May 2004)
Rhetoric beyond Representation
Bradford Vivian - Author

Offers a revised understanding of human subjectivity that avoids the extremes of both traditional humanism and cultural relativism.

By elaborating upon pivotal twentieth-century studies in language, representation, and subjectivity, Being Made Strange reorients the study of rhetoric according to the discursive formation of subjectivity. The author develops a theory of how rhetorical practices establish social, ...(Read More)
Peaceful Persuasion
Peaceful Persuasion (March 2004)
The Geopolitics of Nonviolent Rhetoric
Ellen W. Gorsevski - Author
Tom H. Hastings - Foreword by

Offers a conceptual foundation for nonviolent rhetoric.

This remarkable book asserts that nonviolent rhetoric, largely overlooked until now, supports conflict transformation when applied to contemporary political communication. Ellen W. Gorsevski explores the pragmatic nonviolence of Macedonian President Kiro Gligorov, the visual rhetoric of Nobel Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, and an anti-racist campaign in Billings,...(Read More)
Communication and Public Participation in Environmental Decision Making
Communication and Public Participation in Environmental Decision Making (February 2004)
Stephen P. Depoe - Editor
John W. Delicath - Editor
Marie-France Aepli Elsenbeer - Editor

Looks at the critical role of community members and other interested parties in environmental policy decision making.

The contributors to this volume explore the communication practices of various stakeholders—interested citizens, grassroots and public interest groups, industry representatives, scientists and technical experts, government agencies, federal regulators—engaged in a variety of environmental decision...(Read More)
Talking Problems
Talking Problems (January 2004)
Studies of Discursive Construction
Richard Buttny - Author

Presents a theory of discursive co-construction of problems, or how characters are portrayed in the telling of events.

Using discursive constructionism and conversation analysis, Talking Problems examines how participants orient to, communicate about, and act toward events as problems. The book examines a series of problems, including teenage parenthood in high school, interpersonal and family relationships during...(Read More)
The Idea of Identification
The Idea of Identification (May 2003)
Gary C. Woodward - Author

Drawing on examples from contemporary life, Woodward explores rhetorical conditions that create powerful moments of identification.

Illustrated with interesting examples drawn from politics and art, The Idea of Identification draws on classical social and rhetorical theories to establish a systematic framework for understanding the varieties and forms of identification. Woodward references a variety of contexts...(Read More)
Boundaries of Privacy
Boundaries of Privacy (October 2002)
Dialectics of Disclosure
Sandra Petronio - Author
Irwin Altman - Foreword by

Explores new ways to think about privacy and disclosure.

Offering a practical theory for why people make decisions about revealing and concealing private information, Boundaries of Privacy taps into everyday problems in our personal relationships, our health concerns, and our work to investigate the way we manage our private lives. Petronio argues that in addition to owning our own private information, we also...(Read More)
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