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Ocean of Eloquence
Ocean of Eloquence (September 1993)
Tsong kha pa's Commentary on the Yogacara Doctrine of Mind
Gareth Sparham - Translator

This book is of particular interest because it shows the presence of the Yogacara (Mind Only) school in Tibet. It is well known that the Madhyamaka school flourished in Tibet, but less well known that Yogacara doctrines were also studied and practiced. The former school stresses the inexpressible ultimate; the latter, the natural luminosity of mind. This is probably the best introduction to the distinctive eight consciousness systems of Yogacara....(Read More)
The Discipline of Freedom
The Discipline of Freedom (August 1993)
A Kantian View of the Role of Moral Precepts in Zen Practice
Phillip Olson - Author

The author interprets Zen Master Shunryu Suzuki's account of Zen practice from a Kantian perspective in order to explore the deep connection between Zen meditation, or zazen, and respect for universal moral principles.

The author shows that both Shunryu Suzuki and Kant posit a reciprocally supportive relationship between the development of personal autonomy and the respectful observance of moral rules or precepts, and that both see th...(Read More)
On Understanding Buddhists
On Understanding Buddhists (July 1993)
Essays on the Theravada Tradition in Sri Lanka
John Ross Carter - Author

Carter unfolds the cumulative traditions of Theravada Buddhism by showing how one "looks at the world through Buddhist eyes." Presenting evidence from the Buddhist heritage in Sri Lanka, he develops a disciplined, inclusive approach to understanding notions of ethical living and "faith,"or how individuals live life religiously. The author examines Buddhism as a worldview, reviewing the process of its origins and the development of its important co...(Read More)
Unfolding A Mandala
Unfolding A Mandala (July 1993)
The Buddhist Cave Temples at Ellora
Geri H. Malandra - Author

Ellora is one of the great cave temple sites of India, with thirty-four major Buddhist, Hindu, and Jain monuments of the late sixth to tenth centuries A. D. This book describes the Buddhist caves at Ellora and places them in the context of Buddhist art and iconography.

Ellora's twelve Buddhist cave temples, dating from the early seventh to the early eighth centuries, preserve an unparalleled one-hundred-year sequence of architectural and ico...(Read More)
In the Mirror of Memory
In the Mirror of Memory (October 1992)
Reflections on Mindfulness and Remembrance in Indian and Tibetan Buddhism
Janet Gyatso - Editor

“Gyatso has put together a collection written by some of the indisputably top-ranking people in the field. All the contributors are internationally recognized scholars, and the level of their essays is uniformly very high: scholarly, erudite, but above all pioneering, fresh, original. The collection is thought-provoking and challenging, yet deeply responsible and responsive to the tradition of textual interpretation. It is very interesting, g...(Read More)
The Sovereign All-Creating Mind - The Motherly Buddha
The Sovereign All-Creating Mind - The Motherly Buddha (September 1992)
A Translation of the Kun byed rgyal po'i mdo
E. K. Neumaier-Dargyay - Author

What distinguishes this Buddhist text from so many others is the timelessness of its ideas. It constitutes a radical attempt toward deconstructing Buddhist philosophy, and presents a feminist perspective on Buddhist spirituality. The text holds that being is the center and depth of existence, and is therefore accessible in everyday experience. The fleeting existence (samsara) is in its depth being, i.e. a state of complete integratio...(Read More)
In Search of the Dharma
In Search of the Dharma (September 1992)
Memoirs of a Modern Chinese Buddhist Pilgrim
Chen-hua - Author
Chun-fang Yu - Edited and with an introduction by
Denis C. Mair - Translator

This is the first and only book in English on modern Chinese Buddhism written by a practicing Chinese monk. Chen-hua provides a rare eyewitness account of Chinese monastic life and Buddhist practices before they were changed forever by the Communist revolution. It begins with his departure from home in northern China to study Buddhism in Kiansu and Chekiang in the south and ends with his rejoining the monastic order in Taiwan after spending severa...(Read More)
Tibetan Buddhism
Tibetan Buddhism (August 1992)
Reason and Revelation
Steven D. Goodman - Editor
Ronald M. Davidson - Editor

"Contains some of the best work that has been done in Tibetan studies in the past decade." -- Lewis Lancaster

This volume consists of eight studies, each one bringing to light new material of use to comparative religionists and historians of religion, as well as to students of Tibetan Buddhism. These studies are based on critical scrutiny of indigenous sources and, in many cases, the learned opinion of native Tibetan scholars. The studies a...(Read More)
A Dose of Emptiness
A Dose of Emptiness (July 1992)
An Annotated Translation of the sTong thun chen mo of mKhas grub dGe legs dpal bzang
Jose Ignacio Cabezon - Author

This book is an annotated translation of one of the great Tibetan classics of Mahayana Buddhist thought, mKhas grub rje's sTong thun chen mo. The text is a detailed critical exposition of the theory and practice of emptiness as expounded in the three major schools of Mahayana Buddhist philosophy: the Yogacara, Svatantrika, and Prasangika. Used as a supplement to the scholastic debating manuals in some of the greatest monasteries of Tibet, t...(Read More)
Inner Peace, World Peace
Inner Peace, World Peace (July 1992)
Essays on Buddhism and Nonviolence
Kenneth Kraft - Editor

What can one person do to foster world peace? How does one person's state of mind affect the state of the world? How can the ideal of nonviolence be manifested in daily life? Buddhists have been exploring questions like these for twenty-five centuries, and they are still timely today.

Inner Peace, World Peace is the first work in any western language to examine the Buddhist approach to nonviolence. Well-known Buddhist scholars, a n...(Read More)
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