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The Saint of Beersheba
The Saint of Beersheba (March 1990)
Alex Weingrod - Author

"Alex Weingrod has written an important and fascinating book that contributes to an understanding of contemporary Israel, on the one hand, and to theories of religion, ethnicity and cultural revitalization, on the other. Weingrod's rich ethnographic description of the origin, development, and functions of the cult of one Jewish saint in contemporary Israel, and the annual pilgrimage to his grave, not only is intrinsically valuable, but it also poin...(Read More)
Persistence and Flexibility
Persistence and Flexibility (July 1988)
Anthropological Perspectives on the American Jewish Experience
Walter P. Zenner - Editor

Using a variety of anthropological approaches, the authors illustrate how the Jewish identity has persisted in the United States despite great subcultural variation and a wide range of adaptations. Within the various essays, attention is given to both mainstream Jews and to the Hasidim, Yemenites, Indian Sephardim, Soviet Emigres, and "Jews for Jesus." Institutions such as the family, the school, and the synagogue, are considered through technique...(Read More)
Beyond Yiddishkeit
Beyond Yiddishkeit (August 1987)
The Struggle for Jewish Identity in a Reform Synagogue
Frida K. Furman - Author

“Beyond Yiddishkeit deals in an intelligent and perceptive way with the issue of Jewish identity in an affluent and highly educated suburban community. Particularly significant is that it relies upon participant observation, as well as ethnographic interview techniques and data, on the part of the author. In this way, the work constitutes the first major study of this type conducted within the liberal Jewish American community. As such, ...(Read More)
Judaism Viewed from Within and from Without
Judaism Viewed from Within and from Without (January 1987)
Anthropological Studies
Harvey E. Goldberg - Editor

"It is a new departure for Jewish studies and presents the first large-scale attempt to develop a set of themes on the anthropology of Judaism. The approaches are of a high caliber and of considerable interest. The topic is important for itself, but it is also a growing area of concern in anthropology and religion studies." -- Laurence D. Loeb, University of Utah

"The material is extremely interesting. The essays are clearly written and wo...(Read More)
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