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Research on Adulthood and Aging
Research on Adulthood and Aging (July 1989)
The Human Science Approach
L. Eugene Thomas - Editor

By borrowing from a wide range of disciplines such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, psychiatry, and the humanities, this book gives a more "human," personal voice to the many experiences of aging. The result is a new sort of social science research, one which often reads more like literature than social science. Indeed, the author uses a wide variety of techniques borrowed from the humanities, from hermeneutics to oral histories, in additio...(Read More)
Religion and Aging in the Indian Tradition
Religion and Aging in the Indian Tradition (July 1989)
Shrinivas Tilak - Author

"The author's primary insight is of extreme meaningfulness: every culture must confront the deterioration and death accompanying aging. How this confrontation has occurred in Indian culture has significance for understanding all cultures including contemporary advanced industrial cultures." -- Sheldon S. Tobin

The manner of aging is a cultural construct and there is a specifically Indian way of aging. That way is shown in this book through th...(Read More)
Enabling the Elderly
Enabling the Elderly (November 1986)
Religious Institutions within the Community Service System
Sheldon S. Tobin - Editor
James W. Ellor, A.C.S.W. - Editor
Susan M. Anderson-Ray, A.M. - Editor

Here three gerontological professionals have combined their diverse backgrounds in a timely and urgently needed study of how religious institutions interact with their communities to provide care for the elderly. In an easily accessible and well-written text, actual and potential services are described, and ways of enhancing religious/agency collaboration are suggested. Data are presented from studies in four communities and in a variety of provid...(Read More)
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