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The Annual Review of Women in World Religions
The Annual Review of Women in World Religions (December 1993)
Volume III
Arvind Sharma - Editor
Katherine K. Young - Editor

Just as a mirror captures a large area within its small limit, this journal reflects the otherwise far-ranging and far-reaching phenomena that are categorized as "women and religion." The Annual Review of Women in World Religions has been conceived as a forum for the latest historical and anthropological research on women in all religions. It is also a form for discussion of contemporary trends, such as the influence of secularism, fundament...(Read More)
Religion and Women
Religion and Women (November 1993)
Arvind Sharma - Editor

This book discusses the position of women in the Native American, African, Shinto, Jaina, Zoroastrian, Sikh, and Baha'i faiths for the first time in a single volume, and evolves a conceptual framework within which their positions could be comprehensively considered. The contributing scholars provide an enlarged database for a more thorough discussion of the questions pertaining to women and religion in general, and simultaneously advance the theor...(Read More)
Today's Woman in World Religions
Today's Woman in World Religions (November 1993)
Arvind Sharma - Editor

This book examines how the women's movement is affecting traditional religions and civilizations throughout the world. It reviews cases of global impact in Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Australian aboriginal religion. This volume completes the trilogy devoted to women in world religions, edited by Arvind Sharma. The second book in the series is entitled Religion and Women. The present work sur...(Read More)
German Mysticism From Hildegard of Bingen to Ludwig Wittgenstein
German Mysticism From Hildegard of Bingen to Ludwig Wittgenstein (July 1993)
A Literary and Intellectual History
Andrew Weeks - Author

"This book offers a fine overview of the emergence and development of a German mystical tradition. Weeks introduces the major figures and characterizes the nature of their religious experience. His work provides insights into specific doctrines or modes of thought while at the same time offering a framework into which the specifics may be fit in order to form a coherent whole."-- Debra L. Stoudt, University of Toledo

This book offers the re...(Read More)
The Making of a Mystic
The Making of a Mystic (July 1993)
Seasons in the Life of Teresa of Avila
Francis L. Gross Jr. - Author
Toni Perior Gross - With

"I like the authors' clear insights into Teresa from a psychological point of view. The authors not only know about Teresa but, more significantly, 'know' her in an empathetic mode. Thus the writing is smooth, never strained, as they call upon the examples of other spiritual men and women whose lives shed light on Teresa's. Their familiarity with psychology translates into eminently readable prose." -- Mary E. Giles, California State University, ...(Read More)
Revealing Reveiling
Revealing Reveiling (July 1992)
Islamist Gender Ideology in Contemporary Egypt
Sherifa Zuhur - Author

Explores the history of Muslim women and debates over gender, which have developed since the golden age of Islam.

“It provides an important look at the very contemporary phenomenon of veiling in Egypt through the first-hand reports of the women whom Zuhur has interviewed. Her subjects come across as real people and their discussion in relation to the various questions asked provide quite compelling views of the reason wh...(Read More)
The Tao of Islam
The Tao of Islam (March 1992)
A Sourcebook on Gender Relationships in Islamic Thought
Sachiko Murata - Author
Annemarie Schimmel - Foreword by

"This is a genuine foundational work in Islamic studies. It is an open door into the very heart of Islamic civilization, while at the same time it suggests the bases of important comparisons and insights for those interested in cognate areas in Western cultures.

"It is a fascinating, truly original work in both its guiding perspectives and its comprehensive, clearly presented account of a central dimension of Islam. There is nothing like it...(Read More)
They Call Her Pastor
They Call Her Pastor (February 1992)
A New Role for Catholic Women
Ruth A. Wallace - Author

"The book portrays a clear and detailed picture of the life and work of Catholic women pastors. The anecdotes and quotes make the people come alive. (It also) gives us the first look at an important religious phenomenon. It deals with the Church's struggle to come to grips with social changes in twentieth-century American society. These shifts include the women's movement, secularization, and desacralization of church structures. These p...(Read More)
Women, Religion, and Social Change
Women, Religion, and Social Change (September 1985)
Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad - Editor
Ellison Banks Findly - Editor

Women, Religion and Social Change focuses attention on the way in which women from a number of religious traditions have been able to bring about change and the manner in which religions have either facilitated or inhibited women's participation in the process of change.

Yvonne Yazbeck Haddad is Professor of the History of Islam and Christian-Muslim Relations at Georgetown University. Ellison Banks Findly...(Read More)
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