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Contesting Justice
Contesting Justice (March 2008)
Women, Islam, Law, and Society
Ahmed E. Souaiaia - Author

Argues that the rights of women in Muslim society are based on the preserved cultural standards of elites, not the ethical philosophy of the Quran.

Contesting Justice examines the development of the laws and practices governing the status of women in Muslim society, particularly in terms of marriage, polygamy, inheritance, and property rights. Ahmed E. Souaiaia argues that such laws were not methodically d...(Read More)
Gods after God
Gods after God (January 2006)
An Introduction to Contemporary Radical Theologies
Richard Grigg - Author

An erudite but eminently readable guide to contemporary radical theologies.

Gods after God provides an accessible introduction to a wide range of contemporary radical theologies. Radical theology can be defined as talk about the divine that rejects the notion of God as a supernatural personal consciousness who created the world and who intervenes in it to accomplish his purposes. In addition, radical theologies t...(Read More)
Buddhist Women and Social Justice
Buddhist Women and Social Justice (October 2004)
Ideals, Challenges, and Achievements
Karma Lekshe Tsomo - Editor

Looks at Buddhist women's activism for social change from the time of Buddha to the present day.

This book on engaged Buddhism focuses on women working for social justice in a wide range of Buddhist traditions and societies. Contributors document attempts to actualize Buddhism’s liberating ideals of personal growth and social transformation. Dealing with issues such as human rights, gender-based violence, prostitu...(Read More)
Female Ascetics in Hinduism
Female Ascetics in Hinduism (August 2004)
Lynn Teskey Denton - Author

Provides both a first-hand look at and an insightful analysis of a little-known world—that of female ascetics in India.

Female Ascetics in Hinduism
provides a vivid account of the lives of women renouncers—women who renounce the world to live ascetic spiritual lives—in India. The author approaches the study of female asceticism by focusing on features of two dharmas, two religiously defined ways o...(Read More)
The Position of Women in Islam
The Position of Women in Islam (August 2004)
A Progressive View
Mohammad Ali Syed - Author

Argues that Islamic law does not accord a lesser status to women and elaborates Muslim women's rights in a variety of areas.

Challenging the conservative framers of Islamic law who accorded a lesser status to women, Mohammad Ali Syed argues that the Quran and the Hadith—the two primary sources of Islamic law—actually place Muslim women on the same level as Muslim men. Syed provides an overview of both sources ...(Read More)
Women in Ochre Robes
Women in Ochre Robes (October 2003)
Gendering Hindu Renunciation
Cynthia L. Chennault - Author

Focuses on the lives of female Hindu ascetics and the significance of gender to the tradition of renunciation.

Meena Khandelwal offers an engaging and intimate portrait of extraordinary Hindu women in India who wear "ochre robes," signifying their renunciation of marriage and family for lives of celibacy, asceticism, and spiritual discipline. While the largely male Hindu ascetic tradition of sannyasa rend...(Read More)

Women in the Yoruba Religious Sphere
Women in the Yoruba Religious Sphere (October 2003)
Oyeronke Olajubu - Author
Jacob K. Olupona - Foreword by

An exploration of gender and power relations in Yoruba religion—both Christianity and Yoruba traditional religion.

Drawing on a wide range of oral and written sources, this book shows that women occupy a central place in the religious worldview and life of the Yoruba people and shows how men and women engage in mutually beneficial roles in the Yoruba religious sphere. It explores how gender issues play out in two...(Read More)
The Call of God
The Call of God (July 2003)
Women Doing Theology in Peru
Tom Powers, SJ - Author

Explores the religious thought and lives of the poor women of Peru, who were central to the birth of liberation theology.

Based on conversations with women in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Lima, Peru, The Call of God explores how their faith provides them with an understanding amidst extreme poverty, violence, and displacement. Peru was the birthplace of liberation theology and the poor women of that coun...(Read More)
Making Virtuous Daughters and Wives
Making Virtuous Daughters and Wives (November 2002)
An Introduction to Women's Brata Rituals in Bengali Folk Religion
June McDaniel - Author

An exploration of Hindu women’s folk religion focusing on goddess worship and women’s rituals.

Exploring the folk religion of India and the role of girls and women within it, author June McDaniel focuses on the brata (vrata) ritual in which moral lessons are taught and goddesses are revealed. Bratas are performed to gain such goals as a healthy family, a good husband, and a happy life. They are also...(Read More)
Methodology in Religious Studies
Methodology in Religious Studies (September 2002)
The Interface with Women's Studies
Arvind Sharma - Editor

Explores the impact of women's studies on methodology in religious studies.

Methodology in Religious Studies
assesses the impact of women's studies on the various methods employed in studying religion. Since its inception in the 1860s, the study of religion as an academic discipline has evolved over time, ranging from the classically historical to the boldly hermeneutical. The women's studies movement ...(Read More)
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