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The Penitentiary in Crisis
The Penitentiary in Crisis (July 1992)
From Accommodation to Riot in New Mexico
Mark Colvin - Author

This is a case study of the violence and disorder that have become endemic in U. S. prisons. The 1980 riot at the Penitentiary of New Mexico was one of the worst riots in prison history. Thirty-three inmates were killed and hundreds were injured. The author demonstrates how this riot, and the growing disorder that preceded it, reflect important shifts in the organizational structure and philosophy of prison management in the U. S.The Penitenti...(Read More)
The Battered Woman and Shelters
The Battered Woman and Shelters (February 1992)
The Social Construction of Wife Abuse
Donileen R. Loseke - Author

"The book brings a fresh and needed perspective to an issue that is too often treated in the simplistic fashion of a television movie. There are no persons wearing 'white' and 'black' hats in this book. Rather, the book focuses on the practical dilemmas and circumstances faced by shelter workers in fulfilling their professional obligations. Loseke offers us a way of seeing shelter work as it is. In doing so, she raises issues that some readers m...(Read More)
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