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The Federal Government and Urban Housing, Third Edition
The Federal Government and Urban Housing, Third Edition (May 2012)
R. Allen Hays - Author

A comprehensive history of U.S. housing policy that illuminates the political struggles that have accompanied the nation’s effort to assist those citizens who are in desperate need of decent, affordable housing.

Since its initial publication, The Federal Government and Urban Housing, Third Edition has become a standard reference on the history of housing policy in the United States. It remains a uni...(Read More)
Transporting Atlanta
Transporting Atlanta (July 2009)
The Mode of Mobility under Construction
Miriam Konrad - Author

Examines the dynamics of Atlanta’s transportation crisis.

America’s worsening nightmare of gridlock is given full attention in this illuminating study of the transportation crisis in Atlanta. Inconveniences and hardships created by too many automobiles and too few alternatives for movement have reached untenable levels. Miriam Konrad investigates three major transportation projects involving public tran...(Read More)
Main Street to Mainframes
Main Street to Mainframes (May 2009)
Landscape and Social Change in Poughkeepsie
Harvey K. Flad - Author
Clyde Griffen - Author

2010 Helen Wilkinson Reynolds Award, presented by Dutchess County Historical Society

Tells the story of Poughkeepsie’s transformation from small city to urban region.

The history of growth, decline, and revitalization in Poughkeepsie, New York, parallels that of many other small northeastern cities. Main Street to Mainframes tells the story of Poughkeepsie&rsqu...(Read More)
Living Waters
Living Waters (January 2009)
Reading the Rivers of the Lower Great Lakes
Margaret Wooster - Author

Fascinating stories based on the author’s exploration of eight rivers in New York and Québec.

In Living Waters, Margaret Wooster canoes, portages, camps beside, and wades into eight Great Lakes watersheds across New York and Québec, returning with her pockets full of original stories from these beautiful, boggy, and prehistoric waterways. From the history of hydropower development o...(Read More)
Sprawl and Politics
Sprawl and Politics (July 2008)
The Inside Story of Smart Growth in Maryland
John W. Frece - Author
Gerrit-Jan Knaap - Foreword by

An account of the origin, enactment, and implementation of Maryland’s Smart Growth land use program begun in 1966.

Sprawl and Politics is a political history of the origin, enactment, and implementation of Maryland’s well-known Smart Growth and Neighborhood Conservation initiative. It is an insider’s look at the political pressures and decisions made by Parris N. Glendening, the forme...(Read More)
Olympic Industry Resistance
Olympic Industry Resistance (June 2008)
Challenging Olympic Power and Propaganda
Helen Jefferson Lenskyj - Author

A critical look at the Olympics in the postbribery, post-9/11 era, particularly at consequences for host cities and so-called “Olympic education” for schoolchildren.

Scholar and activist Helen Jefferson Lenskyj continues her critique of the Olympic industry, looking specifically at developments in the post-9/11 and postbribery scandal era. Examining events and activism in host cities, as well as in sev...(Read More)
Business Improvement Districts and the Shape of American Cities
Business Improvement Districts and the Shape of American Cities (January 2008)
Jerry Mitchell - Author

Examines the impact of business improvement districts on the quality of contemporary civic life.

Jerry Mitchell provides a comprehensive analysis of business improvement districts (BIDs)—public-private partnerships that shape city places into enticing destinations for people to work, live, and have fun. Responsible for the revitalization of New York’s Times Square and Seattle’s Pioneer Square, BIDs...(Read More)
Philosophy and the City
Philosophy and the City (January 2008)
Classic to Contemporary Writings
Sharon M. Meagher - Editor

The definitive source book on philosophy and the city.

Using philosophical works from ancient Greece to contemporary times, Philosophy and the City demonstrates both why philosophy matters to the city and how cities matter to philosophy. The collection addresses questions that remain central to urban planning and everyday urban life, such as, What is a city? What does it mean to be a good citizen? By ...(Read More)
Promise and Betrayal
Promise and Betrayal (July 2005)
Universities and the Battle for Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods
John I. Gilderbloom - Author
R. L. Mullins Jr. - Author
Henry Cisneros - Foreword by

Argues that universities can help revitalize poor neighborhoods.

Traditionally, institutions of higher education have been viewed as the gateway to a better future, despite the fact that so many of the neighborhoods surrounding them have been filled with hopelessness and despair. In Promise and Betrayal, the authors want nothing less than to start a revolution in higher education, calling on partnerships betwee...(Read More)
Desegregating the City
Desegregating the City (May 2005)
Ghettos, Enclaves, and Inequality
David P. Varady - Editor

Multidisciplinary perspectives on segregation in the United States and other developed countries.

Desegregating the City takes a global, multidisciplinary look at segregation and the strengths and weaknesses of different antisegregation strategies in the United States and other developed countries. In contrast to previous works focusing exclusively on racial ghettos (products of coercion), this book also disc...(Read More)
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