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Imaginary Christs
Imaginary Christs (August 2000)
The Challenge of Christological Pluralism
Richard Grigg - Author

Discusses the issue of christological pluralism--the panoply of competing visions of Christ that exist today--and provides criteria for evaluating these.

What should those attracted to the figure of Jesus Christ make of all the different Christs available to them? Amidst today's pluralism, we encounter Christ as liberator, the cosmic Christ, feminist Christs, Black Christs, Christ as the object of mystical longing, and various New Age ...(Read More)
Transforming Process Theism
Transforming Process Theism (May 2000)
Lewis S. Ford - Author
Robert Cummings Neville - Foreword by

Traces variations of theism in Whitehead's principle works, identifying a major problem in conventional understanding of process theism and constructing an original and provocative solution.

Process theism, in a variety of manifestations and modifications stemming from Whitehead's original suggestions, dominates discussions of philosophical and natural theology in Europe and America. In Transforming Process Theism Ford argues th...(Read More)
Reviewing the Covenant
Reviewing the Covenant (March 2000)
Eugene B. Borowitz and the Postmodern Renewal of Jewish Theology
Peter Ochs - Editor
Eugene B. Borowitz - With

This major intellectual response to the leading theologian of liberal Judaism provides a significant indication of future directions in Jewish religious thought.

In Reviewing the Covenant, six Jewish philosophers--and one Christian colleague--respond to the work of the renowned Jewish theologian Eugene B. Borowitz, one of the leading figures in the movement of "postmodern" Jewish philosophy and theology. The title recalls Borowi...(Read More)
Discussions of Simone Weil
Discussions of Simone Weil (January 2000)
Rush Rhees - Author
D. Z. Phillips - Editor
Mario von der Ruhr - With assistance from

A distinguished discussion of Weil's views on social philosophy, science, ethics, and religion.

The work of Simone Weil has not garnered the attention it deserves in the Anglo-American tradition. In this book, Rhees, the noted thinker trained by Wittgenstein, provides the most sustained critique to date of Weil's views on science and religion. In this decidedly Wittgensteinian spin on the philosophy of religion, Rhees' observations on...(Read More)
Mediterranean Perspectives
Mediterranean Perspectives (January 2000)
Philosophy, Theology, Aesthetics
Robert M. Berchman - Editor

Characterize several lines of intellectual development by which some of the fundamental features of ancient, medieval, and modern pictures of God, Nature, Beauty, the State, and the Self came to be accepted as common knowledge in the Mediterranean world today.

Throughout the centuries of intellectual endeavor touched upon in these essays, the growth of the metaphysical and historical consciousness across subject...(Read More)
Rising from the Ruins
Rising from the Ruins (May 1998)
Reason, Being, and the Good After Auschwitz
Garth Jackson Gillan - Author

An assessment of reason, being, and the good in a world fractured by the passage of the Holocaust.

Rising from the Ruins is an assessment of reason, being, and the good in a world fractured by the passage of the Shoah, or Holocaust. The historical character of evil that appeared in the Shoah damaged the relationship of human existence to being, creating a time when the confidence of reason to possess the truth no ...(Read More)
Kenosis and Feminist Theology
Kenosis and Feminist Theology (February 1998)
The Challenge of Gianni Vattimo
Marta Frascati-Lochhead - Author

Using a perspective derived from the philosophy of Gianni Vattimo, Frascati-Lochhead explores the response of feminist theology to postmodern theory.

This book addresses crucial issues that postmodern theory has raised for feminism and for feminist theology in particular. Postmodern critiques of metaphysics question whether feminism is ultimately foundationalist and essentialist, attributing an essential nature to "woman...(Read More)
Fidelity with Plausibility
Fidelity with Plausibility (January 1998)
Modest Christologies in the Twentieth Century
Wesley J. Wildman - Author

"This book's scope is unusually wide: it truly deals with Christology across the whole range of relevant issues--philosophical, historical, scientific, religious. It has a clear, consistent thesis: the advocacy of 'modest Christologies.' The thesis has significant originality, for Wildman points out strikingly the way in which 'modest' Christologies need not be 'low' ones and the way in which Christologies may make many 'modest' sounds and still rem...(Read More)
Shailer Mathews's Lives of Jesus
Shailer Mathews's Lives of Jesus (November 1997)
The Search for a Theological Foundation for the Social Gospel
William D. Lindsey - Author

Reappraises the work of Shailer Mathews, a leading but long-neglected theologian of the social gospel movement whose work prefigures contemporary liberation theologies.

This book focuses on a significant, but neglected, leader of the social gospel movement, University of Chicago theologian Shailer Mathews (1863-1941). In two widely read lives of Jesus--The Social Teaching of Jesus (1897) and Jesus on Social In...(Read More)
Forms of Transcendence
Forms of Transcendence (May 1997)
Heidegger and Medieval Mystical Theology
Sonia Sikka - Author

This book sets up a dialogue between Heidegger and four medieval authors: St. Bonaventure, Meister Eckhart, Johannes Tauler, and Jan van Ruusbroec. Through a close reading of medieval and Heideggerian texts, the book brings to light elements that present possibilities for a revised appropriation of some traditional metaphysical and theological ideas, arguing that, in spite of Heidegger's critique of "ontotheology," many aspects of his thought make a...(Read More)
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