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Innovative Congressional Minimum Standards Preemption Statutes
Innovative Congressional Minimum Standards Preemption Statutes (March 2016)
Joseph F. Zimmerman - Author

Examines a new type of federal preemption statute popular since 1965 that allows states to retain a certain amount of regulatory discretion, with a focus on environmental statutes.

Congress possesses broad regulatory powers, including the power of complete or partial preemption of state and local regulatory powers. Congress rarely enacted preemption statutes before the twentieth century, but since the 1960s suc...(Read More)
Government in the Twilight Zone
Government in the Twilight Zone (June 2015)
Volunteers to Small-City Boards and Commissions
John R. Baker - Author

Illuminates how local board systems operate and the motivations and experiences of their members.

While 97 percent of all American cities are smaller than 50,000 and millions of Americans experience civic life in these communities, what we know about their politics and governance is limited, particularly how local board systems operate, who the board members are, what motivates them to serve, and what they think a...(Read More)
Community, Culture, and Economic Development, Second Edition
Community, Culture, and Economic Development, Second Edition (December 2013)
Continuity and Change in Two Small Southern Towns
Meredith Ramsay - Author
Kirkland J. Hall Sr. - Foreword by

Newly updated comparative study of economic development policy, and its relationship with local power structures and cultural and social relations, in two Maryland towns.

Community economic development is conventionally explained using one of two models: a market model that assumes individuals always attempt to maximize their wealth, or a growth model that assumes land use is controlled by real estate developers ...(Read More)
Cities for Sale
Cities for Sale (May 2013)
Municipalities as Public Relations and Marketing Firms
Staci M. Zavattaro - Author

Examines how US cities have adopted the tactics of public relations and marketing firms to “brand” themselves.

Today’s cities are competing with each other on many levels—for our business, for our residency, for our tourism dollars, for our employment, and much more. Especially in light of market models of governance seeping into the public sector, it has become both necessary and prudent ...(Read More)
Governing New York State, Sixth Edition
Governing New York State, Sixth Edition (December 2012)
Robert F. Pecorella - Editor
Jeffrey M. Stonecash - Editor

Comprehensive overview of New York State’s politics, political institutions, and major public policies.

New York contains greater diversity than almost any other state. This diversity creates extensive social and political conflict within the state. Governing New York State, Sixth Edition provides expert assessment of how these conflicts are organized and represented, and how the political process ...(Read More)
Interstate Water Compacts
Interstate Water Compacts (December 2012)
Intergovernmental Efforts to Manage America's Water Resources
Joseph F. Zimmerman - Author

Examines intergovernmental efforts within the United States to manage the nation’s water supply.

Long taken for granted, water resources are rapidly becoming a contentious issue within American politics. Continuing population growth and rapid development, coupled with environmental events such as droughts, have led to increasing water shortages in sections of the nation. In Interstate Water Compacts...(Read More)
Interstate Cooperation, Second Edition
Interstate Cooperation, Second Edition (June 2012)
Compacts and Administrative Agreements
Joseph F. Zimmerman - Author

First in-depth examination of the various forms of interstate cooperation and their central role promoting a successful federal system of government in the United States.

Cooperative interstate relations are essential for maintaining the economic and political union established by the United States Constitution. Despite this importance, the study of interstate compacts, federal-state compacts, and interstate admi...(Read More)
Horizontal Federalism
Horizontal Federalism (May 2011)
Interstate Relations
Joseph F. Zimmerman - Author

Provides detailed information and an analysis of interstate relations, and advances recommendations to improve the economic and political union.

Cooperative interstate relations are essential for the maintenance of the economic union and the political union established by a confederacy or a federacy. This suggests that interstate relations would be featured prominently in the literature of the U.S. federal system...(Read More)
Universal Preschool
Universal Preschool (March 2009)
Policy Change, Stability, and the Pew Charitable Trusts
Brenda K. Bushouse - Author

2011 Virginia A. Hodgkinson Book Prize, presented by the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA)

Examines recent trends in state-funded preschool education.

The spectacular recent success of state-funded preschool education is revealed and explained in this absorbing study. A quiet revolution has been underway in American education policy ...(Read More)
The Government and Politics of New York State
The Government and Politics of New York State (March 2008)
Second Edition
Joseph F. Zimmerman - Author

Comprehensive overview of New York State government and politics.

In this updated edition of his classic text, Joseph F. Zimmerman offers a balanced presentation of the institutions and political processes of the Empire State. He begins with an overview of the state and offers chapters on federal-state and interstate relations; state-local relations; the constitution; political parties, elections, and interest grou...(Read More)
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