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Math Worlds
Math Worlds (April 1993)
Philosophical and Social Studies of Mathematics and Mathematics Education
Sal Restivo - Editor
Jean Paul Van Bendegem - Editor
Roland Fischer - Editor

"Philosophy of mathematics has become a major area of interest for philosophers and historians of ideas in the last few years; and the swing has been toward examining the social context and processes involved in mathematics rather than taking it as a transcendent body of truths. This book is very up to date in this respect. It will prove to be the cutting-edge statement on the sociological approach to mathematics on both philosophical and theoreti...(Read More)
The Value of Convenience
The Value of Convenience (January 1993)
A Genealogy of Technical Culture
Thomas F. Tierney - Author

In this volume, Tierney identifies convenience as the value of central importance to the development of modern technical culture. While revealing modern attitudes toward technology, the human body, mortality, and necessity, Tierney focuses on the cultural value of convenience and on modern attitudes which emphasize consumption rather than production of technology.

"This is a major contribution to the political theory of technology. It treats ...(Read More)
Photonic Technology and Industrial Policy
Photonic Technology and Industrial Policy (November 1992)
U.S. Responses to Technological Change
Ernest Sternberg - Author

A revolutionary technological development of the late twentieth century, photonics embraces lasers, fiber optics, imaging devices, and optical applications to computing. It affects the fortunes of numerous industries and, other than conventional microelectronics, may now be the leading arena for worldwide technological rivalry. While Japan has seen its photonic industries grow faster than any other high technology sector, the United States, where ...(Read More)
The DC-10 Case
The DC-10 Case (August 1992)
A Study in Applied Ethics, Technology, and Society
John Fielder - Editor
Douglas Birsch - Editor

Designed as a textbook for courses in ethics, this book provides the material needed to understand the accidents in which more that 700 people were killed -- accidents that many believe were the result of unethical actions and inactions by individuals, organizations, and government agencies. An introduction to ethical analysis and discussions of the ethical responsibilities involved are also provided. The case study offers material for a sustained...(Read More)
The Professional Quest for Truth
The Professional Quest for Truth (July 1992)
A Social Theory of Science and Knowledge
Stephan Fuchs - Author

This book argues that the power of science as the most respected and authoritative world view is based on its superior material and organizational resources, not on its superior rationality. Fuchs approaches science as a social construct, and utilizing a theory of scientific organizations, he analyzes knowledge production in scientific fields--how they differ in their resources and how these differences affect how science is conducted. The book ex...(Read More)
Thinking Constructively About Science, Technology, and Society Education
Thinking Constructively About Science, Technology, and Society Education (July 1992)
Dennis W. Cheek - Author

This book defines STS--science, technology, and society--education and discusses current thinking about its conceptual evolution. It synthesizes a broad range of research and thought in the history and philosophy of science and technology, STS studies, and education as they are informed by the the dual perspectives of cognitive and social psychology. A model for STS curriculum development in science, social studies, or technolog...(Read More)
Women in Engineering
Women in Engineering (February 1992)
Gender, Power, and Workplace Culture
Judith S. McIlwee - Author
J. Gregg Robinson - Author

Who are the women who became engineers in the 1970s and 1980s?

How have they fared in the most male-dominated profession in America? This is the first book to answer these questions. It explores the backgrounds, family lives, work experiences, and attitudes of engineers in order to explain the unequal patterns of career development for women, who generally hold lower positions and receive fewer promotions than their male coun...(Read More)
Social Control and Multiple Discovery in Science
Social Control and Multiple Discovery in Science (July 1989)
The Opiate Receptor Case
Susan E. Cozzens - Author

Recognition for accomplishment is a major institutional reward in the scientific community, thus regulating disputes over credit for discovery, can be viewed as an important problem in social control. Cozzens examines a well-known dispute -- one that took place with the discovery of the opiate receptor in neuropharmacological research.

The issues Cozzens discusses -- priority disputes, social control, and norms and morals -- are important th...(Read More)
Soviet Scientists and the State
Soviet Scientists and the State (June 1985)
An Examination of the Social and Political Aspects of Science in the USSR
Peter Kneen - Author

Soviet Scientists and the State examines the constraints place upon the natural scientist in the Soviet Union. The book brings into sharp relief the social and economic consequences arising from the highly centralized character of Communist Party rule. Because conditions regarded as essential for effective scientific research conflict with the form of political control prevailing in the Soviet Union, the Soviet scientists' working environme...(Read More)
Technology and Social Complexity
Technology and Social Complexity (June 1983)
Maurice N. Richter - Author

Technology and Social Complexity explores the continuities between today's incredibly powerful new technology and the simpler technologies of the past. It shows that the diverse phenomena encompassed by the term "technology" can be analyzed coherently within the framework of the same concept.

This book provides a broad historical and comparative perspective within which the complex relationships between technology and society can be m...(Read More)
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